The Mad Quest

Somehow I fell into another serial story.  Why do I keep doing this?  This one is a bit of a fantasy.  It has all of those things that fantasies need – An Evil Lord who is surrounded by Snow Demons!  A dashing prince!  Magic swords!  A fire-breathing dragon!  The King of the Small Folk!  Tunnels, deserts, and high mountain passes!  Rabbits and eagles and giant wolves!  Castles and forests and swamps!  Of course none of it is as it seems to be, but, oh well, you get the point….

Each chapter has been based on the prompts from Sue Vincent‘s weekly #writephoto challenge

1. Ahead
2. Carved
3. Valley
4. Shelter
5. Footprints
6. Waiting
7. Splash
8. Ascent
9. Fallen
10. Avenue
11. Conflagration
12. Remains
13. Beginnings
14. Wings
15. Wave
16. Crossing

This is still a growing work in progress.  Who knows how it will turn out?  Not me.  Be sure to come back later and read more!