Although I often portray myself as a man of all arts, when you get right down to it I’m a writer of fiction. My character driven stories often have a bit of the fantastic to them and sometimes can be considered fantasy or science fiction. I’ll let you be the judge on how to classify them. Below are links to the stories I’ve posted here so far.

A New Life
A series of tongue in cheek stories about a poor, misunderstood creature. Most of these stories are all 750 words or less.

Please refer to the  “A New Life – AKA Frank” Page


Stand Alone
A wide range of stories on many topics.  The are in the order they were originally posted.  Post dates given.

eyes Laura’s Eyes – He’s obsessed with Laura. Is it him or is there really something about her eyes? 12/16/13


snowstorm I’ve Seen Worse – A snowstorm makes a winter hike on a small New Hampshire mountain a bit more than bargained for. 12/28/13


Île de la Cité, Paris - 2011 A Brief Encounter – What is it about Paris? A ride on an RER train brings a hint of romance. 1/9/14



blac khole A Love that Lasts Forever – Michelle and Scott have a daring plan involving a black hole. Does the need to explore outweigh the risks? 2/24/14



Ring - Your Past is Calling It’s All About Timing – After thirty years apart is it possible to get the band back together? 3/9/14



Roman Forum With Limited Vision – Looking at the Roman Forum from a different point of view. Bordering on fantasy. 3/15/14



city Our Story – How does it feel to have your world ripped apart by the horrors of war? 3/16/14



Pyschodelic Music From the Sounds of Silence to the Wall of Sound – A look at music of the 1960’s from the view point of a five year old child. 3/21/14



 A Few of My Favorite Thingsblack – In a deep funk?  Have a bad case of the blues?  Ken looks for a way to snap out of it. 3/28/14


 What the Beach Tells MBeache – A walk on the beach on a beautiful Spring day turns Martha’s mind to the sea and beyond. 3/31/14



 Another Red DayAnother Red Day – How will your journey through a post-apocalyptic landscape end? 4/12/14



The Magic Wand Magic Wand 1– A short “picture story” in 6 panels about a boy and his magic wand. 5/2/2014 (Colorized version)




WillWill – A story about a terrible author somehow takes a strange turn. 5/26/2014



 IlluminatedChant – Can a computer programmed to replace the chanting of a monk reveal the meaning of life?  8/8/2014




Another Red DayAnd the Sky Opened – A short short – Hiding in the mountains from terrorists some warplanes drop…  8/15/2014



Field of sheepGwenda – Bryan is running from his problems, hiding in the low hills far from the village.  Gwenda, though, knows how to find him.  Gwenda understands.  8/22/2014



CanvasHandrake’s Painting – Who is Handrake and why does everyone want Mike to see his painting?  Teaming up with Ruth once again Mike sets off to solve this mystery. 9/19/2014


ForestThe Jungle of My Dreams – An ode to a dream girl.  Or is she a nightmare? 10/3/2014



Dinner GuestFirst Impressions – A first date takes a turn for the worse when an unlikely couple is seated at the next table. 10/10/2014




BeamBreak the Cycle – A strange girl standing in front of the house on Halloween.  Voices fill the air.  The house’s dark secret is revealed.  Can the cycle be broken? 10/24/2014


dazz Enter Through the Sid-Door – A remarkable discovery may not be what it seems. 11/7/2014



Kitchen Stove For a Slice – What could be so important that an engineer would risk death and perhaps the end of the world? 11/14/2014



Fly  The Heavenly Pie – The pie is passed down the generations, but will the maker of the pie ever escape from it? 11/14/2014



Moon - 8/8/2014 Now, About My Cousin – Dennis is hiding a dark secret.  Why didn’t I see it? 11/21/2014



Fast as Light MindA Gargantuan Farce – A new invention opens a new channel for communication and exposes a plot for world domination.  11/24/2014



Ring - Your Past is CallingWhy Haven’t You Called? – Where does this series of voice mails lead?  It obviously isn’t a good place. 12/5/2014



Snow and Ice The 15 Year Pin – A flashback occurs in the midst of a traffic accident.  Does the date have any significance?  12/12/2014




OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Ride Home – Christmas, 1989.  The weather outside is awful, but not as frosty as the weather inside. 12/19/2014




CloudsMr. Carvish’s Tears – Eccentric genius Mr. Carvish has a surprise for Sue.  Actually, many surprises.  By why the tear in his eye? 4/17/2015



cityFor the Safety of the Planet – I never understood the concept until now, when the aliens are about to invade. 5/8/2015



Your Smile Brings the Sunshine A New Direction – Follow me to your… wait, there’s no word for that way, that new direction. 5/15/2015




Shell Mistview Manor – A chance meeting with a woman in a shop in a tourist area brings back some regional history and the answer to a mystery. 6/12/2015


Horse rider Riders on the Sand – A monster is attacking from the sea.  can he be saved?  6/19/2015


First Day Out Late for Dinner – Jason is late again!  What idiotic excuse does he have this time? 7/10/2015




Kitchen Stove Just Like Normal – Something is off in the neighborhood.  Way off 7/17/2015



dazz The Minaturizer – Has this new invention been thoroughly thought through? 7/24/2015



Blue Moon 31 July 2015 Once in a Blue Moon – Were did the “party-crasher” come from?  Or perhaps a better question would be, “when did he come from?” 8/3/2015




Boy portrait Of Cads and Cards – City crowds would be OK if it weren’t for the people.  Mark took his hatred of strangers out on a crying boy, only to undergo a huge revelation that changes everyone involved lives.  8/17/2015




Trent's Eye  Devon – Cousin Devon was always a bit of an ornery cur and seem to revel in others pain.  In fact, it is very possible he killed a poor boy.  But his death came soon enough.  But did his death end his ornery ways? 10/23/2015


fres  Wendell – An old high school acquaintance “Friends” Vince on Facebook.  He always hated Wendell, thought that he was the biggest jerk in the universe.  Should he “Confirm”?  And what if it wasn’t Wendell who was the jerk in that dark time called “high school”?  Was there more than met the eye?  10/30/2115


Will o' the Wisp  Respect – Mad at all of the women trying to control his life, Arch went up to stay in his rustic cabin where he could be a true man.  If only they showed him some respect.  His plans went a wire, however, when the forest itself seemed to be against him.  10/30/2015


Common Grackle  Blood Hollow – It isn’t just Halloween, but on this very night the land of the living was closer to the land of the dead than usual and the land of the dead closer to the land of the living, creating a triple event.  What better place to enjoy it than the haunted ruins in Blood Hollow? 10/31/2015


Back Window  Why are They Here? – Strange and paranoid thoughts won’t leave Sara’s head.  Going on impulse she discovers dark secrets about her town, her neighborhood, even her house.  But the dark thoughts grow stronger and stronger.  Why are they here? 11/6/2015


construction A Bot by Any Other Name – Sometimes your own genius gets ahead of you, or so things a young hacker.  His giant botnet almost got away from him.  But he was older, perhaps now…. 11/13/2015



black hole  The Return (Who is There?) – Before the collapse, during the height of space travel and genetic engineering, a ship left for the stars.  Now, after all of the years, it had returned.  What could the planet expect? 12/4/2015


Dark presents  The Misfits – Poor kids who expected little for Christmas and misfit toys that never expected to become presents.  Are they really a match made in, well, Santa”s workshop?  12/18/2015



Fireborn The Meeting – Unfashionably early to a meeting, a man is given a sword and forced to defend himself.  The little pre-meeting meeting gets even stranger from there.  1/11/2015


Another Red Day  The Return – An expanded version of the Friday Fictioneer story of the same name.  A team lands on Earth after being away for an unknown amount of time.  Also unknown is what has happened to the planet in their absence.  1/15/2016


First Day Out  Robert – It might be a miracle cure, but it might be a death sentence.  Robert was dying and silently insisted.  But what were all of the ramifications of the procedure? 1/22/2016




Creativity The Time Machine? – The late Professor Cline had a time machine.  Can it be found in the clutter of his office? 2/2/2016



Albert, mid-December 2014 Evil in the Walls – There is evil in the walls.  The Guardian feels it.  He smells it.  The Others are oblivious, but the Guardian will take care of it.  He has the power.  2/5/2016


I love the beach...The Gate – Memories of a love of a lifetime.  They had to be parted, but she’ll wait for him by the gate.  2/12/2016



Idina's Monster The Dragon – Kids have such imaginations, don’t they?  His daughter came in telling tales of dragons roaming the suburban streets.  Great imagination, right? –   3/18/2016



Will o' the Wisp Child of the Light – The child playing in the medieval village was different and the other kids sensed it.  As her mother watched on she wondered if the child was born from a union made of magic and light, or was there a much darker origin? –  3/25/2016


eyes-green The Spell – Why had the woman invited him to her high rise apartment after the chance meeting?  Why could he only remember her bewitching eyes?  And why did it seem like something more, something much more? This is based on a flash fiction story of the same name (see below)-  4/1/2016

earth A Waste of Resources – The people of Earth had misused her resources.  Perhaps it was time for the off-planet section of humanity to deal with the problem.  Not that the people of Earth would be happy about it. – 4/15/2016



Will o' the Wisp Barbed Wire – The three of them must cross the fence.   It’s a life and death scenario.  This is an extended version of a flash fiction story of the same name (see below). 4/22/2016



Visit – How would the people on our planet react if a large star ship showed up in orbit?  Would people panic?  Would they be happy?  Would they be defensive?  Would life ever be the same? 5/6/2016

I Looked into Infinity – A young petty crook is freed from an inner city prison if he will move to upstate.  If you’ve only seen the dirtiest part of the city, always illuminated in harsh neon, how would the country look?  How about the universe?  5/13/2016

Just Another Day – The little green man came out of a flying saucer in the middle of Montana and asks to be taken to our leader.  Is he for real?  Perhaps he saw too many B-sci-fi movies from the 50s.  One thing is for sure, it’s not a very good way to be taken seriously.5/20/2016

Forever and a Day – Beyond the protective cocoon of our star the first interstellar travelers see the Universe as it is. Can any mind take such a revelation?  7/1/2016

The Art of Slaying a Dragon – There have been many words written on the ancient and noble lore of dragon slaying and George is an expert, or so it would seem.  7/8/2016

Val – Mark woke from a nightmare about Val.  Is she really his wife or has some monster taken her place in his household? 7/22/2016

Summer Camp – A late night conversation from two very different kids as they adjust to life at summer camp.  7/29/2016

Captain Grey – Shiana, the XO of the space craft Magellan, is concerned about the always graceful Cpt. Grey.  Is he really OK staying spaceside when the rest of the crew goes down to Earth for relaxation?  What is the definition of “disability”?  8/12/2016

Baling Day – 10 year old Chad bales hay with the older kids for the first time and is teased relentlessly by the huge bruiser, Billy.  Will he survive the day of hard work?  Will he survive Billy?  8/19/2016

Five Long Walks – Out of work and running out of options, Mark takes longer and longer walks every day, and his daydreams become more extreme.  9/2/2016

Alyssa – All Ryan can think about is Alyssa. He would do anything for her.  But does she even know he exists?  Sometimes what people think about us and what we think about ourselves is very different.  9/9/2016

Galvin – Galvin is just being Galvin, but why is he so afraid of that lady in the restaurant?  9/16/2016

To Stop the Rain – She did not want to be in the affair, but could see no way out.  And the sex…  9/22/2016 (Adult Content – ask for a password)

Autumn Calling – Carl had to get out of the office.  Autumn was calling, louder and louder and….  9/23/2016

Temptation – He can’t resist the small voices.  Small voices mean small people, and that makes his blood boil.  9/30/2016

Songs of Ocean and Moon – Half story, half poem, a woman confronts her two natures, the sensual Ocean side and the mysterious, lofty Moon side. 10/13/2016

The Encounter – In a bar at dinner time, a man comes in and argues with a bartender.  He is on the edge and just as soon kill someone as look at them.  What would make him that way?  10/21/2016

Gus – Dogs, of course, have supernatural abilities, if only us humans would appreciate them!  10/28/2016

Number Fifty Four – A victim in the middle of a field struggles, trying to escape the impending doom. What could drive the mad man? 11/4/2016

The Builder – An architect’s dream, but is it too good to be true>11/11/2016

The Old Mill – It all started when the old mill was sold.  The evil just seeped out of it and only Galvin could see it.  11/18/2016

Blocked Ray – The problem with Internet love is that we don’t always know the person on the other end.  12/2/2016

Memories of Earth – It is difficult to think back to Earth and not think of the darkest days.  12/9/2016

Protectors – Why would Senator Leastman be so interested in a study on gut microbes? And why were so many strange things happening in the lab?  12/30/2016

Friday Fictioneer – Stories of 100 words or less.  Some flash fiction.

The Town Meeting 12/10/2015

Dust – 12/17/2015

Simon – 12/23/2015

Jason – 1/8/2016

The Return – 1/13/2016

The Stairway – 1/14/2016

Fickle Fame? – 1/20/2016

Isn’t it Pathétique? – 1/21/2016

Our Sonata – 1/22/2016

It was an Instant, as if We Were… – 1/28/2016

Warm Days, Gentle Nights – 2/3/2016

Speak Easy – 2/4/2016

The Place of Death – 2/11/2016

Portal – 2/18/2016

The Prototype – 3/3/2016

Recharged – 3/4/2016

Momma – 3/24/2016

A Life Lived Positive – 3/30/2016

The Spell – 3/31/2016

The Mill – 4/8/2016

Symbols from Antiquity – 4/14/2016

Amazing Journey – 4/15/2016

Barbed Wire – 4/21/2016

The Buyer – 4/28/2016

Dreaming – 5/12/2016

The Waiting Room – 5/18/2016

When Her Bus Came In – 5/19/2016

Pillow Fort – 6/10/2016

Theater of the Absurd – 6/16/2016

The Trick – 6/16/2016

Ballet Mècanique – 6/16/2016

A Distant Future – 6/23/2016

Mr. Fergusson – 7/1/2016

And Winter Descended – 7/1/2016

Behavioral Study #431 – 7/7/2016

The Tourist – 7/7/2016

Symbols and Monuments – 7/20/2016

Waterhole – 7/28/2016

18 Hours – 7/28/2016

The Batcatcher – 8/11/2016

Sea Smoothed Stones – 8/17/2016

Heavenly Lights – 9/22/2016

Continuity Plan – 9/28/2016

Not Again… – 11/3/2016

The Builder – 11/10/2016

My Bass – 11/16/2016

The Fugitives – 12/1/2016

Ghosts of the Past – 12/8/2016

Henry – 12/15/2016

Patriots Diner – 12/22/2016

The Old Diner – 12/23/2016

Theater of 2016 – 12/29/2016

Lessons in Stories

Sometimes the best way to illustrate a point is by creating a story around it.  That is, a lesson told as a story or story centered around a lesson.

Tone it Down Part I

Tone it Down Part I & Tone it Down Part II – A lesson about describing a fictitious future-noire world. 4/18/14


Kitchen StoveTom Swiftly Cleanup Your Dialog Tags! – The dialog tags are running amok.  A little advice is thrown in to save the day, but will it save the eggs? 5/7/2014



Color Pencil Drawing by Trent P McDonald



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