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Memory #writephoto


Photo by Sue Vincent

Did I hear the wind whisper
Your name
As it sighed between trees and standing stone?
Did I see
Your shadow cross a threshold
Long buried beneath the empty, grassy plain?
Did I sniff the fragrance
Of your food
Wafted off of a hearth long turned to dust?
Do I taste the salt
Of your bitter tears
Shed for a people long forgotten?
I listen to the rock
Feel the breeze
Sniff the distant salty sea air
Sense your people near
Perhaps forgotten by men
But the land
The land has a very long memory Continue reading

Still #writephoto

Photo by Sue Vincent

Edward walked into the garden. He sniffed the air and frowned.

It was a normal early spring day.  The grass had completed that shift from dead brown to lively green and the first buds were on the point of bursting into leaf.

But still…

The war was finally over.  The soldiers had stood down, and she had made a peace offering.  He had accepted.

But still…

Not a ripple troubled the water of the mill pond.  The gentle sound of grazing sheep was almost enough to lull him into a nap.

But still…

The sun warmed the land as laborers repaired the fruits of the destructive winter war.

But still…

A black cloud reared up in the north.  The world held its breath, then let it out in a shrieking gust. It grew cold.  Flakes of snow filled the air.

“Sir…” Continue reading

Storm #writephoto

Photo by Sue Vincent

I felt the turbulence as she entered the room, the low pressure system sucking the air out and drawing all eyes in.

A flash of lightning struck as she glanced around the packed room.

The crowds parted as torrent moved forward.

She didn’t even see me as she passed inches away, but the gale force winds turned me with her.

She went at the bar.

People turned back to what they were doing.  The music came back on.

I remembered to breath.

But then I saw her again.  I drew in a sharp breath.

My mind clouded up. Continue reading

Choice #writephoto

Photo by Sue Vincent

Jegd stared at the pool without seeing it.  The sound of water, always present, did not enter his consciousness.

It was an impossible choice.

He could go against all that was good and join their leader, Krewn, on his mission.  He could refuse and loose rank, possessions, friends and possibly more, but keep his dignity.  A third choice was no less palatable – he could leave his village and strike out for unknown country, a coward turning tail and fleeing.

“The water in the pool is calm, but look at the falls that helped to build it.”

Jegd jumped.  He hadn’t heard the old man approach.

The age-bent man seemed not to notice Jegd, but continued to talk, pointing with a staff. Continue reading

Daybreak #writephoto


Photo by Sue Vincent

3 AM.

Why is it always 3 AM?  Why not midnight, when it was easy to drift back to sleep?  Or 5 AM, when it didn’t matter since the night was already old?

But 3 AM?

Bev rolled over and closed her eyes.  After a long time she opened them and stared at the wall.

No use.

She flopped onto her back and studied at the ceiling in great detail for hours.

Back to the clock.


Really?  One freaking minute? Continue reading

Entrance – #writephoto


Photo by Sue Vincent

“No, really, it’s just a hole in the ground.”

I laughed.  “Don’t worry, when I was your age, my place was a pretty nasty hole.  Being a straight guy, I bet it was much worse than yours.”

Meghan smiled, an enduring look from under her eyelashes, as if she couldn’t decide if she were more embarrassed about the situation or excited.

“OK,” she said.  “But don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

I lead her to my car and wondered about my situation.

I was not a great socializer; far from it.  In fact, I hadn’t been out with a woman since the divorce.

But it wasn’t just that.

It was Meghan’s age.

I know the way of the world.  I’m a 50-something year old guy.  20-something women don’t want anything to do with us.  If I tried to flirt with one, at best they’d think I was a creepy old guy, at worse a predator. Continue reading

Keep #writephoto

Photo by Sue Vincent

I sit in my tower keep, watching across the wasteland waiting for Rodrick to blink, knowing full well that he is doing the same.

It is a well-known bit of wisdom that to have a strong castle makes one a little king over his surroundings.  If any have the impedance to attempt to fight back, it is easy enough to retreat behind the strong walls to gather strength before doubling the attack.

The real kings on their high thrones did frown upon us little lordlings and our castles, but that didn’t’ stop me.

From my castle keep I was able to rule a wide swath of land, taking what I wanted, when I wanted.

And every day I wanted more. Continue reading

Fume #writephoto


Photo by Sue Vincent

It seems that after all of my efforts, these experiments with biology, anatomy, chemistry and electricity came to naught.  The lifeless clay of my life’s work lay on the table, mocking my years of toil.

Adding insult to injury, Mrs. Kemph, the woman who straightens my living quarters, had dared to enter the lab and threw away a work in progress.  To say I was livid would be an understanding.

Walking through the village, my mind working out what went wrong with this latest experiment, I fumed as I couldn’t get past the dolt Mrs. Kemph. Continue reading

Angel #writephoto


Photo by Sue Vincent

Emma looked around in wonder.  The world was both familiar and yet so changed!

A noise grabbed her attention.  Several Star Wars storm troopers were header her way!

“I’ll take care of them.”

Buzz Lightyear come out from behind the giant tree, laser beams flashing.

“Run, little girl, while I finish up here. To infinity and beyond!”

Emma turned.  Where should she go?

“This way, Emma.”

The voice was calm and soothing.

An angel! Continue reading

Shimmer #writephoto


Photo by Sue Vincent

There was a shimmer of light, a shift of the shadows.

The room came into focus.

“Blow out the candles, Mikey!”

It was Mike’s sixth birthday party.  All of his friends were there.  He knew how it would end up, the disappointment and hurt feelings.

The world turned and the light shimmered.

He was in an auditorium full of people.  He heard his name and walked to the podium to receive his high school diploma. As he took it and shook the principle’s hand he could feel the years of struggle and hardship ahead.  One back-breaking minimum wage job after another, often followed by months or years of unemployment.

The auditorium spun out of control, the shimmering and flickering light dancing in strange patterns. Continue reading