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Onward – #writephoto


Photo by Sue Vincent

This is now the 22nd chapter of “Of Wind and Wings”.  See the table of contents here.

Note – I posted two chapters that did not follow one of Sue’s prompts.  here is a brief overview in case you don’t have time or inclination to read them (or you can skip to today’s chapter):

Chapter 20 Gossenmare Park – Ed and Liza explore Gossenmare Park.  Ed discovers that it is Liza’s ancestral home.  She also tells him a secret, that Lauren was not her husband’s child.

Chapter 21 Descending on Wings – Ed dreams of a Gossenmare Park that is like new, but with all of the eras superimposed.  It goes away leaving only the tower with Lauren singing to him.  He tries to enter, but is stopped by Liza.  He wakes up to see a memory of Liza’s mother comforting the young Lauren. 


“Are you ready?” Ed asked the back of The Grubb’s head.  “Onward, ho!  Let’s explore.”

The Grubb didn’t say anything, just shook his head.

Ed took in the view again.  He had to admit that the more mountainous region had a certain rugged beauty, but he was ready to go more than 30 feet from the road.

They had eaten lunch at the Grubb household.  It was a giant meal, which Ed felt he didn’t need after Liza’s big breakfast.  But it was delicious.  And Mrs. Grubb was delightful.  She was witty and knew all of the local people and places.  Mr. Brown seemed particularly close, and she told Ed all about him. Continue reading


Hidden – #writephoto

Photo by Sue Vincent

This is now the 18th chapter of “Of Wind and Wings”.  See the table of contents here.

Note – I posted three chapters that did not follow one of Sue’s prompts.  here is a brief overview in case you don’t have time or inclination to read them (or you can skip to today’s chapter):

Chapter 15, Mr. Brown – Ed and The Grubb have lunch with Mr. Brown, who seems down.  Ed discovers that an ancestor wrote a book of philosophy in the 1780s.  It was in the form of a dialog between a person and a supernatural being and dealt with freedom and equality for all people, no matter sex, race or religion.  Ed also discovers that not only had Mr. Brown been separated from his wife for a long time, but she had finally left for good the night before.

Chapter 16, With the Grubbs – Ed has dinner with the Grubb family.  The father, just called ‘Grubb’, is similar to his son, but more practical.  The mother is much more learned, but also very attuned to the different side.  She gives some philosophy on “value” and death.  She also tells Ed about “The Others”, with the many names, from Elf, to Faery to Hob to Sith.   She tells Ed that his family has “Sith” blood and he needs to become more attuned to the land.  The Grubb can help, as can Elisabeth Smyth, but the former is stuck in a rut, looking for a sign that has always been there.

Chapter 17, Dreams and Ghosts – Ed has the “pillar” dream, but it changes to his bedroom.  Liza’s mother talks to her about destiny, they Ed can only see the mother.  He also realizes that Liza’s “destiny” was something she was supposed to create herself.  She had control of her life.  Did she misread her mother?  Ed wakes, not knowing it it were a ghost or a dream.  he thinks of Gothic novels, but the ghost was not his true love.  Who was?  He hears Lauren’s voice in answer.


Now to the story!


“Hello, Mr. Pulman, can you hear me?”

Ed jerked his mind back to the present.  Mr. Brown had a big grin and gave him an over exaggerated, giant eyebrowed wink.

“Good to see you back on Planet Earth, Mr. Pulman.”

Ed smiled.  “I’m sorry.  I’m a little lost in thought today.”

“Thinking, eh?  That’s a dangerous habit, you know.  You start thinking and you never know where you will wind up.”

“Exactly.  Uhm, you asked me a question?”

“Maybe not a question, though I’ll admit that one was very much implied. That’s why I love language, you know.  I just observed that you went out without The Grubb this morning.  He spent the last half of the morning in my office, sulking.” Continue reading

Shadows #writephoto


Photo by Sue Vincent

Note – this is now Chapter 14 of the story Of Wind and Wings, a story inspired by these prompts of Sue’s.


It was the infinite room of pillars again, columns running in every direction.  It was the same, but different.  A bright green light off in one direction extended the pillars into long shadows.

Strangely confident, Ed strode up to the light.  As he expected, it was the waystone again.  This time he followed the sign.  It didn’t surprise him that he soon saw his tower.  But as he approached, the tower grew, expanded, changed.

On reaching the tower Ed climbed up to an open window and peered in.  The structure was just a shell, open to the sky.  But that wasn’t the first thing that struck Ed.

“Pillars,” Ed said out loud.  The room of pillars again.  Was he back where he started? Continue reading

Way-stone #writephoto


Photo by Sue Vincent

(Note – this is now Chapter 9 of the (recently named) story Of Wind and WingsChapter 7 and Chapter 8 were not part of Sue’s #writephoto.  You can read them, or if not, here is a very short recap:

Chapter 7 – Liza and Ed are running and dancing across the moorland on a dark night, acting like children.  In fact, occasionally Ed sees Liza as a raven-haired lass.  As she plays on the moor, she tells him about how her parents met Stanly and how she was conceived.  Interspersed there are bits and pieces about how her family, including Ed, could “see” the moors in a way that others couldn’t.  That included seeing the past and the past that never was. “…They are the shadows of that which never was. They are the reflections caught in a pool of memory. They are ghosts, shades. A memory on the land. But that past was real, as real as the ‘real past’, even if it never really happened.” As they walked, Ed could feel the power grow in him, the understanding of the land around him.  Liza also mentioned her estranged daughter.  When they got back to Liza’s house, her daughter, Lauren, was waiting.

Chapter 8 – Ed wakes up in the middle of the night and overhears Liza and Lauren talking.  The family power spooked Lauren, which is why she never returned after leaving for University.  But then, it became clear that she had a an odd connection with Ed, one her mother resented.  Ed heard her as the woman of his dreams, and they ended up saying each other’s “real” names, though it wasn’t written Ed then fell back into a deep sleep.)

So we continue Of Wind and Wings


It was all so familiar, a sight seen many times before.  Had it been a dream in the past?  Maybe, but it was real now.  It had to be.

Ed walked through an arch and glanced around.

“Pillars,” he said out loud.

He was in a giant room, seeming to stretch to infinity in every direction.  The unseen ceiling was support by row after row of Doric columns.  Periodically a free standing arch was placed in the middle of the avenues created by the columns.

There was a green glow at one end.  He stopped.  This was different.  He looked around.  Fog was creeping up on him from all directions.  All directions, that is, except from the green light. Continue reading

Glimmer – #writephoto

Photo by Sue Vincent

“I’m not that old,” Ed said to himself.  He had always mumbled and muttered, but found that the more he aged, the more his inner discourse became outer discourse.  He tried not to let it worry him.  Young people talked to themselves, didn’t they?  He wasn’t old!  “On my birthday Mike told me that 50 is the new 30.  Mike should know.  He’s, what, 6 or 7 years older than me, and he is more active than I have ever been in my entire life.  Hell, he spends a week skiing in Aspen every year.  Wish I could afford to ski in Aspen….”

He wasn’t sure how it happened, but Ed had checked out of the B&B and moved into Liza’s spare room.  He was lying on the bed, fully clothed and on top of the covers, tired, but not ready for sleep.

Part of the problem was the pain.

He ached in places he never knew existed. Continue reading

Skull (Bone) – #writephoto


Photo by Sue Vincent

“I thought you British ate small breakfasts.”  Hungry as he was, Ed wasn’t sure if he could finish the heaping plate full of eggs, bacon, sausage, some type of hash brown or potato cake and other assorted food-stuff.  He looked closely at one of the objects.  Tomatoes?  For breakfast?  And mushrooms?  He wasn’t sure about the black thing.

“Now where on Earth did you ever get that idea?  Every good day begins with a good breakfast.  Eat up.  It looks like you haven’t had a proper meal in days.”

Ed shrugged and started in on the huge meal.  He had to admit that it was very good.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Pulman, that we haven’t been properly introduced,” the woman said.  “I’m Elisabeth Smyth, but you can call me Liza.  And before you ask, yes, the good Dr. Smyth was my Bob’s younger brother.  Marv has been keeping an eye on me since I lost poor Bob.  Not that he needs to.  Sometimes I feel Marv needs more looking after than I do, but what do I know?”

Ed, mouth full of toast, nodded.  Continue reading

Faraway – #writephoto


Photo by Sue Vincent

Ed walked over a small rise and was surprised to find himself at the water’s edge.  Wasn’t he walking through the moors far from the seaside?  Yes, far, far away.  Where was he?  He turned around, but heavy fog covered the land.

A sound filled the air.  There was the soft churning of the waves, but something else. He imagined the sound from the ocean as a carrier wave for a more complex noise.

Ed turned and walked down towards the point of land in front of him, drawn by the sound, which was resolving itself into an unearthly music.

The land went out to a point in the water.  Waves came in from two directions, meeting in a line off of the point. Continue reading

Pillars – #writephoto


Photo by Sue Vincent

Ed walked through the arch and glanced around.

“Pillars,” he said out loud.

He was in a giant room, seeming to stretch to infinity in every direction.  The unseen ceiling was support by row after row of Doric columns.  Periodically a free standing arch was placed in the middle of the avenues created by the columns.

Ed took a few steps deeper into the room and took his bearings.  The room was very dimly lit, a perpetual twilight.  Uniformity that disappeared in the misty distance.  But what was that?  A faint light from one direction?

Ed followed the imagined light.  Imagined?  Maybe not, for as he went it did grow brighter. Continue reading

Spectral – #writephoto

Photo by Sue Vincent

The memory was vivid, though very monochrome.  The details sharp, even if the picture in Ed’s mind was one of a landscape shrouded in mist, a ghostly image of a spectral place.  The memory came up randomly, but was usually ignored, just another picture from Ed’s past.

Only it wasn’t.

Ed knew the memory wasn’t real.  It was a location he had visited only in his dreams.  He often wondered if the memory of the ruined castle on the hill was from some old movie, perhaps something about vampires, that he had seen in his impressionable youth.  ’Often wondered’, though, was too strong of term.  He thought about the memory briefly perhaps once every three or four years.  Mostly it was forgotten until it popped up again, a quick, spectral vision of a place he’d never seen. Continue reading

Track – #writephoto


Photo by Sue Vincent

“This way.”

“Are you sure?”  Merle was pointing down a dry stream bed with his walking staff.  Or perhaps “up the stream bed”, since the direction went against the flow of water.  The path looked torturous and I couldn’t imagine anyone trying their luck there, least of all Brad.

“I’ve been doing this since before you were born.”

“I don’t know, Steve.  I guess we have to trust him,” Val said.

I nodded and let Merle lead us into the gulch.

It was more difficult than I imagined.  Though mostly dry, there was still some water and a few deep pools, but it was the boulders and the downed trees that were the worst.

I paused after scrambling over a log about 30 minutes in.

“This is next to impossible,” I said.

“If he took an easy path, they would have found him by now,” Merle said.  He shrugged.  “If he really wanted to be found he should have just sat it out.” Continue reading