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A Word on Words! And a Question….


This is a bit of nothing, just a quick homage to words, words in an attempt to portray the wonder of words. As readers and writers we have a love affair with words. We dance to their music in our ear and savor their delicious flavor in our mouths as we speak them. We delight in a new word or a clever combination of them.

One of the things that I’m often curious about is vocabulary. More specifically, how many different words have I used in a story? Are there any tools out there that people use? I write in MS Word. It gives a total count but it doesn’t tell me how many unique words I’ve used. I’ve played with a few different online tools. I’ll admit that I only did a few quick searches and tested just a small sampling, a handful or so, of different online tools. Of these, this was my favorite:  http://wordcounttools.com/   Yeah, the name says it all. Continue reading

Everlasting Words?


We hang on the words of the Masters.  We remember what has been said by those who have gone before us.  Great speeches, like “I have a dream” or “Four score and seven years ago”.  We remember words from literature.  “It was the best of times.”  There are plays and poetry, such as “How do I love thee”.  Movies, TV shows, pop songs and just about any place words are used contribute to our daily conversation.  There are so many words and lines that everyone knows.  And for reason.  There is little as beautiful as words, little that can move heart and soul with such force as those unreal bits of mind and imagination called “words”.

Some words will live forever, or for at least as long as our species survives.  People will always quote from the books of their religions or  from the likes of Homer and Shakespeare.  Words will be remembered.

Will any words or lines from our blogs be remembered?  Will there be courses one hundred years from now where people will quote what has been said on the virtual pages of Word Press?  Will the things we write on any social media be passed on to future generation?

When I started blogging I thought of it as a way to permanently store my words and thoughts.  Forever people would be able to read what I said.  But blogs seem to be ephemeral.  You put up a post today and it is forgotten by tomorrow when the new post comes up to take its place.  The words seem a chimera, a mirage.  We try to hide the temporary nature of blogging by creating menus to guide people to older posts, but how many times have you seen people actually use them?  People sometimes go up and read my “About” page, but they don’t go through my short stories or poems.

Of course there are blogs out there that make a difference.  There are words from the front lines of revolutions.  There are those who define the extremes of political thought.  There are those who create the news and those that drive the news.  The future will remember the brave people who risked life and freedom to state their opinions or expose the lies of our times.

But will they quote the actually words?

I’ve read so many beautiful words on blogs.  I would hate for them to all be gone.  If I leave a paper book there is a possibility that some historian will leaf through the pages.  Will someone actually leaf through the pages of “Trent’s World” after I am gone?

Words, words words, millions, tens of millions, perhaps hundreds of millions, written every day.  Were do they all go?  Do they even matter any more? Do they just evaporate into the ether?

Where do the words go?