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The Fear Ahead #tanka #tankatuesday


Image by Huda Nur from Pixabay

I stop and tremble
Shadow blocks my way ahead
Closer look, it shrinks
Tigers of unknown freeze us
But they are often kittens


Written for Colleen’s Poetry Challenge.  This week she provided the photo at the top for our poetry.

Photo Info: Image by Huda Nur from Pixabay

They Said it was Over years Ago #doublenonet #tanka


It happened again
How can a human do that?
Pain of the centuries
My hand fits nicely in yours
Bound by our humanity

Years ago they told us all is well
Humans judged by their character
Full equality for all
They said the world is fair
The battle was won
One family
In peace
They lied
Still two worlds
One rule for “them”
Fear of the other
Blind eye turned to the truth
Indifference to suffering
A world of hate and division
They said it was over years ago


These joined poems were written for Colleen’s Poetry Challenge.  This week was poet’s choice. I wrote a double-nonet and a tanka

Beacon in a Time of Darkness #tanka

Across dark chasms
Oh that little candle shines
Tiny flame is seen
A weary world of darkness
A good deed, a beacon


Written for Colleen’s weekly poetry challenge.  This week was a theme week, for which I wrote a tanka.  The theme was:

“How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a weary world.”

― William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice

Funny – I discovered that “Chasm” is one of those weird words that has one vowel but two syllables.   As with my last tanka, I tried to make it so it could be read backwards.

Oh, the drawing at the top is the only thing I had with candles and it was for someone’s post on the 11th day of Christmas, so…