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Trapped – #Tanka #Haibun

woman portrait


I seek you out once once more, though perhaps I shouldn’t.  I know I will be caught, caught by your allure.  I try to imagine a world without you abut that such a world would be bleak and barren, a clear difference from your reality.  I approach again.

I can’t pull away
Sucked in by your gravity
There is no escape
All outside is bleak and void
Why do I resist your warmth?

— — — —
This was written for Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge.  The key words today were “Stark” and “Trap”.  Following her suggestion, I didn’t use the words, I used only synonyms.



Still Some Warmth – #Tanka

The world grows colder
Kin and foe are all kept out
Doors are tightly shut
The warm hearth can still be felt
Grateful ones open their hearts

— — —

This was written for Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge.  The key words today were “Thanks” and “Family”, yet for this special while she is away, we are to only use synonyms.

— — —

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Halloween – #Haibun #Tanka

Will o' the Wisp


It is dark as I walk past the ancient graveyard.  What’s that?  A ball of light floats inches off the ground, silver will of the whisp. My heart beats quicker, my footsteps are rushed.  Noises fill the air.  I turn and scream, for now I see them.

Recoil in fear
Ghosts and goblins tread this eve
The dead walk the earth
The world of spirit and life
Merge into one on this day

— — —

This was written for Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge.  The key words today were “Fright” and “Night”, yet for this special while she is away, we are to only use synonyms.  My Tanka might not be exactly a Tanka, but close enough ;)

Mountains of My Mind #Haibun #Tanka

Flower with Flatirons in the background

Mountains of My Mind

I stop to admire a flower and wonder what she is doing.   I turn a corner, see a bird and think of the latest outrage he tweeted.  I touch the tall pine and politics dominate my thoughts.  I go up the rise, hard rock beneath my feet, and think of nuclear tipped missiles falling from space.  But I push harder, sweat more, and go farther up this mountain.  Soon, I take in the view and my mind is blank, quiet.  I look around and all there is, is nature.  And me.

From the mountain top
The Earth spreads out calm below
The world seems at peace
I need refuge from Mankind
The turmoil of daily life

I am an extreme Introvert.  My mind drowns out all sounds around it.   Sometimes I need to go where there is no competition, no distraction from people talking.  I need to go where there are no sounds made from Man.  On a deserted beach at dawn, or deep in the forest, or high on a mountain top, I can be me.  Sometimes that mountain only exists in my head.

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The Clear Light of You – #Haibun #Tanka


The Clear Light of You

I am walking through a misty wood, lost without a path.  I stumble forward, looking for a beam of light, looking for you.  Is that shape in front of me, that shadow, a person?  Is it walking towards me?  Will it emerge so I can see?  Can that shape be you?  But no, there is a swirl and it dissolves.  I am once again alone in the fog.

We think we can see
In Plato’s land of shadow
And know each other
In the end it’s not there
It is only illusion

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The Gift – #Tanka

Pyschodelic Music

If you’re down and blue
I will write a song for you
For your ears alone
This small gift I’ll give to you
To repay the seeds you’ve sown

I don’t know if this is technically a Tanka.  It has the 5-7-5-7-7 scheme and the last two lines are stand alone (maybe), but it is a bit different….

Anyway, this was written for Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge.  The key words for the week were “Gift” and “Song”.