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The Weekly Smile for the 19th of August, 2019 #weeklysmile


For most of us, most of the time life is made up of small events.  We have a typical routine, do some of the same things over and over and, well, we just live.  Sure, there are often big events, both for good and bad – a raise in pay or vacation on one side, but a death of a friend or a very large unexpected expense on the other side.  When we look back, we often see these large events as life, but really, it’s the small stuff.

Today is another “the small things in life” smile post.

There were a lot of small things to smile about.  Watching hummingbirds as I sit on the back patio.  Playing catch with my boxer – he is at the top of a small hill; I toss the ball; he catches it and then drops it; the ball rolls down the hill to my feet; I pick up the ball; repeat.  A long walk in the woods.  Standing in town, chatting with a friend for an hour.  Visiting friends I don’t see often.  Running and other exercise.  Reading.  Writing.  Talking to family on the phone.  Seeing friend’s and family’s vacation photos on line.  Chatting with fellow bloggers in the comments.  Getting a lot of work done both at work and around the house.  Walks, and runs, with the dogs.  A smile, “hello”, and wave to a stranger as i walk through town or run or am shopping.  Playing piano or my synthesizers.   Etc. Continue reading


The Weekly Smile Recap 8/12 – 8/18/2019


It’s the time to look back at last week’s smiles.  There were some really good smiles.  Go ahead and read a few:

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See?  I told you there were some good smiles here :)

I will post this week’s smile in about an hour.

What made you smile?

The Weekly Smile for the 12th of August, 2019 #weeklysmile


I took a day from work last Monday.  I was on Cape Cod, as I often am, and it was a beautiful.  A friend was visiting from Denver, so we had a day for “flat country” activities.  On Cape Cod that means water.

In the morning we paddled up the Bass River, a large tidal body of water that separates Dennis from Yarmouth.  I was in the back of the two person kayak while two ladies traded off between the front seat of the kayak and a standup paddle board.

After a short while we stopped on a sand bank in the middle of the river.  Yes, it was low tide.  We spent a half of an hour wading and looking at the sea-life beneath our feet.  We left there and parked the kayak on a little sandy beach that was covered in little fiddler crabs.  We swam out into the deeper water and hung out around the standup paddle board.  We swam, floated (very buoyant water), hung off the board and just enjoyed ourselves.  We later moved to a new beach, a little less private, but nice and did the same thing, just splashing and not worrying about a thing.  After lunch we hit the “real” beach (West Dennis Beach) and swam in the ocean.  I only stayed about an hour, but it was fun. Continue reading

The Weekly Smile for the 5th of August, 2019 #weeklysmile

Some of you who read my blog may know that I spend a lot of time on Cape Cod.  I just bought a fixer upper house and am in the process of selling a cottage.  So I have been down here quite a bit.  The dogs usually come but not the cats.  Until now.

Albert has always had issues.  He is getting older, though not ancient for a cat.  He has three legs.  He is FIV positive.  Other things (read about Albert here)   It seems that every time we have come to the Cape we return to a sick Albert.  The last time it was a very, very sick Albert, one I thought was going to die within hours.

But he didn’t.

Albert bounced back (after vet visit and a lot of care…). But a decision has been made – when we go away for more than a few days, Albert comes. Continue reading

The Weekly Smile for the 29th of July, 2019 #weeklysmile


This last week was very interesting with a lot to smile about.  If you read my coffee share post, you read about a few of them, but not what I am going to bring up as this week’s Weekly Smile :)

One of my old friends has had health issues for most of her life.  Lately they have been knee issues.  She is going to have to have surgery on her knees this winter.  I was talking to my sister about this.  She has had the same surgery and said my friend could borrow her (wheeled) walker and crutches if needed.  “If” being that she will need them, but if nobody else has already lent some to her.  Great.

Last week my friend was in a lot of pain and had a hard time walking.  She could not put any weight on her bad leg.  Being 600 miles away, there’s not a lot I could do.  Maybe…

I called my sister.  She is an hour and a half drive away from my friend, but her daughter (my niece) lives less than 10 miles from my friend.  My sister was about to leave to pick up her grandson.  She tossed the walker in her car and dropped it off with her daughter while picking up her grandson.  My niece then drove to my friends apartment and dropped off the walker. Continue reading

Weekly Smile Recap7/22 – 7/28/2019


Hi all. Some good smiles last week! We had quite a few smiles, particularly after two down weeks.  They are all great and you should check them out, each and every one!

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Tess Can Do It! Positivity is Catching!

See?  Weren’t they great?

This week’s Smile will be posted in about an hour.  What made you smile?

The Weekly Smile for the 22nd of July, 2019 #weeklysmile


Hi all, there has been a lot to smile about over the last week.  Right now I am smiling because this heatwave is coming to an end ;)  Also there is that huge anniversary of the Moon landing – I’m a space nerd, so that is huge.  There are other things personally, like walks in the woods, kayak paddles, watching hawks fight, a flock of turkey, etc.  But I will pick something very strange – a haircut.

For most of my life I have worn my hair relatively long for a male.  Lately, however, it has been getting just a little unwieldy.  I didn’t mind the Beethoven hair jokes, but after the second or third “ma’am”, well, time for a haircut….

Here is before: Continue reading

The Weekly Smile Recap 7/15 – 7/21/2019 #weeklysmile


With me taking a week off two weeks ago and then it being midsummer, well, the smiles did not pour in last week.  Besides mine, we had two others.    We will take all of the smiles we can get :)

Trent’s World
Tess Can Do It! Positivity is Catching!
Colline’s Blog

Let me know if I missed your post and I’ll add it.

This week’s smile will be up in about an hour :)

What made you smile?

The Weekly Smile July 15, 2019 #weeklysmile

It’s been a while, but the time has been filled with smiles :)  Not that there were not any dark times in the last few weeks nor any worries – there were plenty of both!  But there were a lot of smiles.  For this post, I will talk a little bit about my week in Ohio to visit family.

Every year my immediately family meets for a bit of a reunion.  Usually we hold this over Memorial Day weekend (the last weekend in May for non-US friends), but we couldn’t do it at that time this year, so we chose the week of the 4th of July, Independence Day for my US friends.  Most of us were there at some time or another over several days.  Besides family, I also met up with an old friend for most of the Day on the 3rd.

My family lives close to Lake Erie, so a lot of time was spent on or near the lake. Continue reading

The Weekly Smile July 1, 2019


First, I will not be able to do a Recap next week – I will be traveling.  You can still add smiles, though!  I might not be able to see them all since I will be away from the computer pretty much all week this week.

I’m in the middle of two vacation weeks.  Sort of.  I worked last Monday and half of a day on Tuesday and am doing the same this week – a full day of work today, which has been extremely busy! and a half of a day tomorrow.

I spent last week on Cape Cod.  We had company, which was good, even though the new place was not ready for company!  I did spend time outside and finally got the kayak into the water at the new house – the river is a little farther away than at the old place, but less than a five minute walk with the kayak.

There was watching a nephew fish, walks on the beach, playing with the dogs, hanging by the water, etc.  So a good week :)

A week’s vacation was my smile for this week.

What made you smile?


You can join in by leaving a link as usual, but there will be no recap next week nor a new smile.  I hope you all have a great week!