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Goodreads Review of Seasons of Imagination


A couple of weeks ago I received a great review for Seasons of Imagination on Goodreads and I totally forgot to put up a post to brag about it to let you know about it.  the review came from Carol Masciola, whose book The Yearbook (in my words, a YA time travel romance with a physiological edge) I reviewed last November. Continue reading

My Little Advert :) (Seasons of Imagination)

It’s a been a while since I’ve done a post about my short story collection Season of Imagination.  I know, I know, people really don’t go for books of short story written by unknown authors.  But, sometimes it’s nice to read fiction and know you don’t have to commit days to it.  Here is a bit about it, for those who don’t know:

Trent P. McDonald’s Seasons of Imagination contains an eclectic mix of stories covering many places, times and even different genre, yet they all hold one thing in common, they are all about people.

Be they silly, serious or speculative, all of the stories are about us.  What makes us tick?  Why do we say the things we do?  Why do we react as we do?

So whether it seems the stories are exploring outer or inner space, in reality they’re always exploring the human space.

Here is an invitation to open the page and come with me to explore the

Seasons of Imagination Continue reading

The Collaborative Cover

Last Summer I thought I’d have my short story book out by early Autumn.  I had some beta readers going over it, I’d done some brainstorming with a few people and came up with Seasons of Imagination as a title.  All I needed was a cover.

I sat down and did a couple of quick sketches.  I liked one idea and decided to draw it out to see how it looked.  Over a weekend down on Cape Cod I got out some drawing pens and did a more complete drawing.  Here is a phone photo – yeah, the light was bad and such, but you should be able to see the basic design. Continue reading

Weekly Smile 56 #weeklysmile

Weekly Smile #WeeklySmile

Weekly Smile #WeeklySmile

If you have been reading my blog at all over the last few days I’m sure you know what I am smiling about today.  Any guesses?  If You said my book you’d be right!

So I finally pulled the trigger and published the book, Seasons of Imagination!  Of course that is where all the trouble starts ;)  And the fun.   I may do another post on that, with this post I just want to smile :) Continue reading

Release Party! (Seasons of Imagination is Out!)


Thank you all for joining me today for this celebration of my first book, Seasons of Imagination, being released.  I know this was an impromptu gathering, though you can’t say I didn’t give you hints it was coming up.  Sorry about that bump in the red carpet that I just couldn’t flatten out.  I hope not too many of you twisted your ankle or anything.  You just need to be careful..

Be careful!  Careful!!! CAREFUL!!!


Of course the person bringing in the cake had to be the one who tripped.  Sorry, I do still have some left over hors d’oeuvre from yesterday’s Cover Reveal, so help yourself.  I hope they’re not stale. Continue reading

Cover Reveal – Seasons of Imagination!


So, what do you think?  Great, isn’t it?  This amazing cover was created by Belinda over at Idiot Writing.  She is a great artist and poet.  I couldn’t be happier with the cover she created!

Here is the full story behind this great image.  I had an idea of what I wanted.  I did a couple of quick sketches for the layout and then sat down with color pencils and made a drawing.  I thought the drawing was pretty good (I may post it some day).  I had my cover!  I showed Belinda and she said she could touch it up a bit, get it in shape for publishing.  Fine, there were a lot of little issues.  She played with it a bit, made some fixes and a few small changes, but it just wasn’t gelling.  I made a comment and we realized she had missed one of the points I was trying to make.  It was the image’s fault, not hers.  With the new knowledge in hand she made major, major changes, pretty much reworking it from scratch.  And it was marvelous.  Continue reading

Second Guessing


Like a poke in the eye….

Yesterday I sent my short stories out to a few beta readers.  I had already sent it to “the usual suspects”, that is two family members that do a lot of beta reading for me, but it was different sending it out to non-family-members.  So last night I took some time and started reading through the stories.  Ouch.  Of course I noticed a lot of mistakes, a lot of really rough areas, places that I thought could be written a lot better, etc.  My thought was I that I should have done one more major revision before I sent it off.

And then it got worse.  I started second guessing some of my choices for inclusion.  I had an “alpha reader” who went through all of the stories I had posted on my blog (over 200) plus about a dozen longer ones that never appeared on the blog.  She read through them twice, grading each story.  I took a couple of hours to sit with the alpha reader and made a yes/no list.  I went over the list a few times, reread everything that was on the plus side and came up with the final 36.  Yet 2 ½ months later I would read a story and think, “Why did I chose that?” Continue reading

I Need You! (beta readers)


I’ve posted a few times that I’m working on a book of short stories.  Most of the editing has been completed so I need a beta reader or two (or three).

As I said, I’ve done most of the large scale editing and loosely put the book together.  I’m looking for some input on things such as do all of the stories work?  Does the order make sense?  Are there large scale problems with any of the stories?  Punctuation, grammar, and little details like that will come after I do this phase.  I will take recommendations, make corrections, then finish it up and send it out to be edited at that low level. Continue reading

Does Size Matter (Short Story Questions)


As many of you know, I have been going through my short stories, both those that I have posted here (over 110!) and those I haven’t (only looking at a handful of these) to pick out the best for a collection of short stories I want to self-publish.    I’ve also been doing a little research into it.  Instead of clarifying it, the research seems to muddy the waters.  So, keeping in mind I am going to do with it what I want to do, I’d like to ask you a few questions.

Size is an important issue, both in the length of the book and the stories themselves. Continue reading