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PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

It stuck out, an old railcar pushed into a corner of town long after the trains had stopped running.  Back in the day, shiny chrome welcomed day trippers from Boston, but it had turned dingy and grey.

An old woman, the original owner, a perpetual cigarette hanging from her lip, served me.  The coffee was bitter, the eggs greasy and the toast older than the diner.  The next youngest customer had half a century on me.

I never returned.

I passed the empty lot today.  What the health-inspector found came back.  It’s been 20 years and I still felt nauseous.

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PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Doug didn’t know the section of town, but he had received a call, a stranger with a tip.

The ruined house was squished between two others that had “Condemned” signs on the doors.

He hesitated, but there was no denying the car.  Covered in dents and missing a mirror, the car was spotless three years earlier when Em had disappeared on her 17th birthday..

Doug climbed the trash-covered steps and knocked.

There was no answer.

The door wasn’t locked.  He entered.

Em, thin and pale, stared with hollow eyes.  He picked her up and cuddled her.

“Let’s go home.”

— — —

Word count = 99

Friday Fictioneers is hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.  This week’s prompt is here and uses a photo provided by © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Read more or join in by following the InLinkz “linky.

Great Aunt Isabel


PHOTO PROMPT © Magaly Guerrero

Margret talked about her Great Aunt Isabel from the day I met her.  The matriarch of her clan had done everything, been everywhere.  Her family lived in this larger-than-life character’s enormous shadow.  Perhaps “great” was a title or description, not a generational mark.

I was nervous when I finally met her.   As we waited in the parlor, I noticed the stacks of oversized books here and there, and the random platform shoes tossed carelessly about.

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Authentic Pirate Cruise!


PHOTO PROMPT © Fatima Fakier Deria

The sign said, “Harbour Cruise on a Pirate Ship!”  The three-master seemed out of place amongst the huge cargo ships, but we had to do it.

I was surprised that before we reached open water, the captain steered us between two hulking vessels.  We were soon surrounded by skiffs, the masked crewmen all carrying AK-47s.

The passengers were taken out, distributed in the small boats and then blindfolded.  The skiffs motored around for a while before returning us to the pier, where blindfolds were removed.

By the time I realized my wallet was missing, the ship and sign were gone.

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Empty – #writephoto

An field with trees barely visible through the early morning mist

I awoke at dawn, as always, even though his alarm obviously didn’t go off.  I wasn’t hungry, so I did my morning walk through the wisps of the dying fog on getting up.  Breakfast could wait.

The fields, ever my friends, called my name and welcomed me as I forged a path through the dew-damp weeds.  The wet cold of my shoes kept me cleanly in the present, forcing me to take in the splendors of the new day.  The distant trees, still a mirage only glimpsed as the sun burned away the mist, for some reason reminded me of him.  My heart beat faster, as my brain told me lies.

“He is out there, just over the next little hill, behind that little splash of woods.  He’s there.  Hurry, you can catch up,” my brain seemed to say, against all logic. Continue reading


Mansion through gate and trees

PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll

I had previously only seen the mansion from the road, the faded glory only a glimpse behind the fence and trees.  I knew that back in the day it was meant to be seen as a sign of wealth.  We were sneaking in the back way.

“Are you sure nobody watches this?”

“Positive.  Nobody will mess with their security.”

We entered the mansion in the pitch dark.

“You contradicted yourself there.”


“So, if nobody watches the place, what’s their security?”

A glow met us at the end of the hall.  It resolved itself into a decomposing woman.


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PHOTO PROMPT © Jennifer Pendergast

Jason explored the park.  Everything was fresh and new to his four-year-old mind.  I couldn’t have been happier sharing this with him.

I soon realized we were being watched.  I said ‘hi’ to the old lady.  I could see the past in her eyes as we talked.  When it was time to leave, she told me to enjoy these moments while I could.

I laughed.  Life from the vantage of age must be bleak.

Wasn’t that just yesterday?

Today, as Jason said his “I do”s at the alter, I thought of the lady and the moments now lost in time.

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Executive Meeting


PHOTO PROMPT © Shaktiki Sharma


The entire executive staff went to a temple for some unknown religion. Said it wasn’t religious, just a good place for negotiations.

What happened?

They had an all-day closed door meeting.  I can’t get anything out of my reliable sources.

Yeah, but the fall out….

No kidding.  That odd org-chart and over half of the management team quitting on the spot.

Not to say anything about the new mission statement.

Just bonkers.  I asked Sue about it.  She just burst into tears.

What I would have given to be a bug on the wall at that meeting!

No kidding!

— — —

Word count = 99

Friday Fictioneers is hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.  This week’s prompt is here and uses a photo provided by © Shaktiki Sharma.  Read more or join in by following the InLinkz “linky.

Camp Out

Sunlight and Clouds

PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

The enormous ship descended, staying in full stealth mode.  No Earthly vision or RADAR could spot the behemoth as it approached the planet, yet it had to reveal itself to take the air and soil samples.  Scans showed only two juveniles of the dominant species in the vicinity.  They were in a small fabric structure, possibly sleeping.  A decision was made.

“But Mom, it really happened!  The entire sky lit up, brighter than daylight.  Then the ship came down.”

“The last time it was monsters and before that, ghosts!  I will not allow you to sleep out again this summer!”

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Silver Lining

Sunlight and Clouds

PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

“I can’t believe summer is almost over!”

“Me either.  Who do you have for homeroom?”

“Mrs. White.”

“Oh, poor thing.  I have Miss Orvan.”

“Jealous.  She’s nice.”

“Yeah.  You going to take up a band instrument?  I want to play drums but my mom says the trombone.”

“Yeah, I’ll play sax, like my brother, though mom says I’ll start with the clarinet.  Yuck.”

“You just have no luck, being with Mrs. White playing a clarinet!”

“Yeah, but Iz Thompson is in my homeroom and she’s taking clarinet….” Continue reading