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Ahead – #writephoto


Photo by Sue Vincent

“Let’s stop here,” Merla said.

We were slightly off of the well-worn path and hidden from most directions.  The trail had taken a high ridge, for visibility I was sure, but our path to the side was nearly invisible.  In ways it was risky.  If we couldn’t be seen, we ourselves wouldn’t be able to see those approaching.  But then we decided that, I, who by reputation could hear an ant walking from a kilometer away, would be able detect anyone who approached.  Where my ears left off, my nose picked up.  Friends and enemies both said I could smell danger, whether to face it head on or run from it depended on who was talking.

It was just a short rest to take a little food.  I knew Merla also wanted to plan our next step.  I watched her and let her think.  It was pleasant watching Merla, but I also had to think about how we were sitting in this most unlikely, and very dangerous, spot, just the two of us. Continue reading


On the Run – Part 7

In the 80s

This is a continuation.  See Part 1, Part 2 , Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 and Part 6.

I came downstairs to the kitchen at around 6:30 the next morning.  I felt better than I had in a while.  John had given me some comfortable women’s clothing when we got to the farmhouse, which I had on as I came down.  He also didn’t knock on the door, but let me get up when I was ready.

“Good morning,” he said as I came in.  “I hope you’re well rested.  Hopefully this will be a short day and will be over by noon.”

“Good morning,” I said.  “Yeah, I feel good.  Did you sleep well?”

He nodded and served me his famous breakfast.  If anything, it was better than back in Rochester.

After helping him clean after breakfast, I started to take off my shirt.

“Whoa, slow down,” he said.  “What’s up?”

I pulled my shirt all of the way off and tossed it to the side.

“I’m ready for you to wrap me.”  I put my arms out.

His face was red slightly red.  He turned away.

“I thought I told you.  Billy is gone, he returned home to Rochester.  There’s no reason to be incognito today.”

“Oh.”  He had said a few things about Billy being gone, but I guess I didn’t understand. Continue reading

On the Run Part 6

Coffee on the Road

This is a continuation.  See Part 1, Part 2 , Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5 .

“Get off here and go north on 55,” I said.  We had just passed through Joliet.

“North on 55?  I thought you said it was on the other side of the Mississippi?”

“Yeah.  Go up to the third exit, I don’t know, about seven or eight miles, and get off on 30 West.”

John didn’t say anything, but got over to get off of 80 onto 55.

“I’ll let you know now, if it makes it easier, that we’ll stay on 30 all of the way across Illinois.”

We had gotten up before 5 again.  John hadn’t said a word about finding me in bed with him.  He showered as I puttered around.  He then wrapped me up.  It didn’t bother me that he saw my breasts.  It was just a part of my body, like my feet or stomach.  It is the way we both approached it.  Sure, it’s possible he was secretly turned on, but I didn’t care.  He was the perfect gentleman and only showed interest in them in that they were well hidden.

We hit a truck stop for breakfast, and I was back to hot chocolate, though John did get a coffee to go and let me have half of it.

We hit the Chicago morning rush hour at the beginning and were heading out for a lot of it, so it wasn’t terrible, but there were some places that were even slower than Buffalo had been.  I think that leaving 80 behind had thrown him for a bit of loop.  He drove in silence.  I realized that for the first time since we had returned to North America he was in unfamiliar territory. Continue reading

On the Run – Part 5

Coffee on the Road

This is a continuation.  See Part 1, Part 2 , Part 3 and Part 4 .

The ceiling of the hotel room was very boring.  It was plain white, though slightly textured.  Nothing much to look at, but I had been staring at it for hours.  I was lying flat on my back on one of the two queen beds.  I had a towel wrapped around my waist covering my “tighty-whities”.  I also still had the wrap around my chest, though there was a slice through it.

In fact there were several cuts and slices on different parts of my body.  The biggest and ugliest ran from my rib cage beneath my right breast almost straight down to my pelvises.  It wasn’t very deep, and luckily the arc of the man’s arm followed the inward curve of my abdomen so it wasn’t much deeper in the middle than at the ends.  Still, it hurt.  John cleaned and disinfected the wound, and then had used some type of liquid bandage on it.  He also taped it, but said the tape was just there to hold the skin in place until the liquid hardened.

There were maybe a dozen or more other little cuts and slices.  Perhaps the next worse one was on my foot were Mr. Blackeye sliced me as he accidentally thrust the knife into his own chest.

The wounds weren’t the reason I was just lying there, staring at the blank ceiling.  It was everything else that had happened. Continue reading

On the Run – Part 4

Coffee on the Road

This is a continuation.  See Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.
Note – This part contains some graphic violence. (It’s also very long…)

I awoke to a gentle knock on the door.  I jumped up, slightly confused.  It was dark.  There wasn’t a clock in the room and I hadn’t had a cell phone with me from the beginning.  I figured it wouldn’t do to carry around a huge sign with “You are here” written on it for everyone to read.

“You up yet?”  It was Ben’s voice.  I stopped myself.  The voice was pleasant, not the voice of the heartless killer Ben, but of my new-found friend, John.

I laughed at myself for being sucked in by his games.  John or Ben, it was the same guy.

I opened the door just a little and stuck my head out.  “Yes?”

“Good morning, Margret,” he said.  “It’s a little before 5.  I want to get an early start.  And before you ask, yes, you’re still going to travel as Billy.”

“Do I get a shower, at least?”

He gave me a strange look.  “If you need one, but I’ll have to wrap you again.  Neither of us wants that, do we?”

“What?” I asked.  “You don’t want another look at my boobs?”

“I didn’t enjoy it when I violated you any more than you did, but it had to be done.  Would have you taken your shirt off if I had asked nicely, even if I ad explained what I was doing?” I shook my head.  “You would not have passed as a boy if I didn’t wrap you, end of story.”  He then looked away, at the floor.  “Besides, I had to do it as Ben, and I needed Ben to go away before we left the house.” Continue reading

Ebb – #writephoto

Photo by Sue Vincent

Note – this is part of the story, Towards the Light.  Click here for previous.  Go to the Table of Contents. Or start at the beginning: (click here for part 1 – The Tunnel)

— —

I was in a fog.  All energy was sapped, all thoughts blurred, my memory blank.  I would say the energy of my mind and body were rapidly ebbing as I followed the others deeper into the fortress hill.  Of course, now I recognize that this was due to the effects of the Stone, but at the time it was as if I were in a dream, and like a dream, it turned into a wisp when I awoke.

Truthfully, I remember little of the adventure.  Whindel has promised me that if I ever decide to turn this web story into a book he will cast a spell which will release my memory and turn the underground adventure into at least three chapters, possibly four, but for now I must skip most of it in a blur.

I remember a few things.  Alishina noticed the ebb of my energy and memory.  As a creature of Water, she flowed over to me and offered me support.  To keep my mind in the present, she forced me to join her in a whispered conversation.  I found out about her late husband and she learned about my wife, Lisa, and her brave final battle.  The more we talked, the more we discovered how much we actually shared.  The more we shared, the closer we became.

I also remember that we were attacked at many places, but called upon Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Void/Spirit, Good and Evil to get us out of each situation. Continue reading

Spur – #writephoto


Photo by Sue Vincent

Note – this is part of the story, Towards the Light.  Click here for previous.  Go to the Table of Contents. Or start at the beginning: (click here for part 1 – The Tunnel)

— —

I looked back up at the tower in wonder.  This was our destination?  It seemed unreal.  For a power that could take over several worlds, including my beloved earth, it seemed too small, to insignificant, too medieval.

“Quick,” Whindel said.  He was pointing to a side path.  I could hear hoofbeats.

A ridge stuck out from the hill that I couldn’t help but label an acropolis.  We ran towards it.  As we got a little closer, I could see a spur off of the main ridge creating a small “valley”.  Whindel pushed towards this little valley between the ridges and we were soon out of sight of the main road going to the castle on the hill and in another few spots were totally hidden from everything around.  I heard the riders pass close to us, their armor clinking and their spurs chiming as the went past.

Whindel waved his arms and a door leading into the new ridge became visible.  He led us into a dark room.  With another wave, a few lamps light up and the door quickly, but silently, shut behind us.  I heard a weird noise and somehow understood that the ground once again covered the door. Continue reading

Tower – #photowrite


Photo by Sue Vincent

Note – this is part of the story, Towards the Light.  Click here for previous.  Go to the Table of Contents. Or start at the beginning: (click here for part 1 – The Tunnel)

— —

My head began to clear and I realized that we were in a small stone chamber.  With the view I had from the only window, we were in an upper floor of the building, which was at the top of a hill.

“Where are we?” I asked.

Whindel stopped glaring at Rawcliph and said, “We are in the Sorcerer’s Tower, the very heart of the land of Wizards.  This is the most sacred spot for my race.”

“As such,” Rawcliph said, “it is our Hall of Justice for the largest crimes against our race.  And Whindel, none have commit a crime as great as the one you have suggested.”

“I don’t understand,” I said.  “We are planning on taking Glumoric out of the picture so he can’t just come back, as he recently did.  This is the only way to heal Blavour.”

“I know all of that,” Rawcliph said.  “The problem is, you plan on sending him to the Void.  There is no higher treason to the Wizards.” Continue reading

Glade – #photowrite

Photo by Sue Vincent

Note – this is part of the story, Towards the Light.  Click here for previous.  Go to the Table of Contents. Or start at the beginning: (click here for part 1 – The Tunnel)

— —

“We need to plan,” I said.

‘What?” Whindel asked.  He shook his head and appeared to have just woken from a dream.

“We need to plan.  You know, you asked about the, you know what…”

“Plan?  Maybe, but first we need to leave,” the wizard said.

We stepped out into a meadow.

“I thought we moved?  Why are we in the same place?” I asked.

“You did move, but you took your surrounds with you.”  The wizard didn’t look back at me, but set a quick pace towards the far trees.

“Seems awfully conspicuous to drop a forest and meadow next to the enemy’s stronghold, if you ask me,” I said.  I felt uneasy, and the fact that the trees appeared to be racing towards us at a much faster pace than we were walking contributed to this feeling.  The meadow had shrunk to a small glade and continued to shrink.

“It was, for a moment, to those looking for it,” the wizard said.  “But soon it will no longer be a problem.  Now hush.”

I heard a crash and looked over my shoulder.  There was no sight of meadow or cottage.  We were in a deep dark forest.  I shivered.  It wasn’t a pleasant place.  The trees were misshapen and odd shadows grabbed at us as we walked by. Continue reading

Signs – #writephoto

Photo by Sue Vincent

Note – this is part of the story, Towards the Light.  Click here for previous.  Go to the Table of Contents. Or start at the beginning: (click here for part 1 – The Tunnel)

— —

I woke from a deep and, as far as I knew, dreamless sleep.  The world began to come into focus and I jumped.

I was looking into a pair of eyes.  Not just any eyes, but the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen.

I stood and took a step back.   The eyes belonged to a creature that was about the same size and shape as the goblins I had seen the night before, and just as sexless, but was as beautiful as they were ugly.

“And who might you be?” the person asked.

“I’m just a traveler.  I came in here to escape the dark of night,” I said.

The person looked up and said, as if to itself or to a higher being, “This is a sign.”  It looked back at me, and smiled.  I flipped a coin in my head at this point, to avoid confusion.  “She” said, “xxxxx.”

“What?” I asked.

She frowned slightly.  “xxxxx.” Continue reading