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My Name is Albert #Senryu

Albert Tree

I am here, right now
lying serene, under tree
A gift to the world

(Note – “I” = “Albert”, the cat, snuggled under the Christmas tree ;) )


This was written for Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge.  This week’s words were “calm” and “present”, though only synonyms could be used.  I chose a senryu (I hope ;) )

A Change in the Weather #Haibun #Senrya


So blue and cranky
Some cold in the summer heat
Miss your joyous face

A gloomy forecast
Skies a melancholy grey
Hope for upbeat news

There is a change in the weather of my soul.  A high pressure is replaced by a low.  The outlook is a bit pessimistic, but with your sun away, what can I say, I’m feeling down.  Can I hope for a new front that’s a bit more upbeat?  Will your merry eyes and joyous smile once more show up on my RADAR?  I hope to dance in the rain in delight, when that rainbow that’s you is back in sight. Continue reading