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Poetry and Prose – A Divergence?

Mt. Lafayette

Mt. Lafayette after starting down the ridge

Two paths either diverge or collide, I haven’t decided which…

Early in the history in my blog I decided to post a poem every Tuesday.  This was my first regular feature and the only one that has lasted.  In the past several weeks I’ve occasionally gone back and read a poem or two or five.  I am not a great poet, but I do enjoy many of them.

People who have been reading my blog recently might know that I am in the middle of a writing streak.  I’ve been posting quite a few stories, have been posting a serialized novel and have been editing two other books off line. My prose writing is full-steam ahead.

OK, here is where it all goes wrong. Continue reading

I Want Your Smiles! #weeklysmile 67

Weekly Smile #WeeklySmile

Weekly Smile #WeeklySmile

A little poem for the day.  Nothing too broad or deep, but sometimes simple is best.

Never ending change
The seasons of life
We go through it all
Good times and strife
But I have found
To be worthwhile
To face every turn
With a great big smile

Smiling here on this fine day.  Happy Easter, Passover, Spring Equinox or whatever you celebrate!  And if it is just celebrating a new day, go ahead and celebrate!  But do it with a smile :) Continue reading

The Teasing Month

Before the snow

It’s still winter
With dreams of spring
A teasing day
A teasing flower
With snow
In the forecast
We have lions
And lambs
The ski jacket
Stays unpacked
The shorts
Hidden away
A major thaw
With ice on the trail
Mud season
Will be here soon
As the winter frost
Slowly melts away
And no leaf
It is March
In New Hampshire

Knowing or Searching


Some people “just know”
They hear someone speak
Or Twiddle
Or Tweet
And they immediately say
“That’s right”
“That’s wrong”
But there is no in-between
You ask them “why?”
“How do you know?”
And they say
“I just know”

Some people search to find out
Though they trust others
They need to figure things out
For themselves
You ask them “why?”
“How do you know?”
And they say
“I don’t know, but I’ll find out”

I’ll go along with the searchers any day
They’re the ones that will lead us to the stars