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Waiting for You – #Tanka


Just before the dawn
A quiet glow in the air
Breathing golden thoughts
I feel your spirit approach
Anticipation brings joy

– – —

Written for Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge.  This week the key words were “spirit” and “joy”.




I heard the lonely loon’s cry
Piercing the tranquil evening
I saw the cold stars
Bold as if man never existed
An explosion of flowers greeted me
The last gasp before the dead of winter
An eagle hung on the sky
Not a human sound could be heard
Far from every eye or ear
I heard the lonely loon’s cry
Piercing my heart
I thought of you Continue reading

The Gift – #Tanka

Pyschodelic Music

If you’re down and blue
I will write a song for you
For your ears alone
This small gift I’ll give to you
To repay the seeds you’ve sown

I don’t know if this is technically a Tanka.  It has the 5-7-5-7-7 scheme and the last two lines are stand alone (maybe), but it is a bit different….

Anyway, this was written for Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge.  The key words for the week were “Gift” and “Song”.

The Fire

The cool autumn
In your touch
Summer fades
A cold gap widens
I feel the approach of winter
I want to kindle the fire
Draw you near
A moth to the flame
A return
To summer’s passion

Light and Shadow – #tanka

Eclipse shadows

Shadow on your heart
Shattered, broken, dark with pain
Whirlpool pulls you down
Love offers you a spotlight
Highlights your inner beauty

— — —

Written for Colleen’s Weekly poetry challenge.

The words this week were “Light” and “Shadow”, but I cheated a smidgen and used the words “spotlight” and “Highlights”.  I’m sure the Tanka Police won’t come after me ;)

And for the heck of it, I used a picture of light and shadow – a projection of the eclipsing sun seen through multiple pinholes in a piece of paper.  I think they look almost like hearts.  Or perhaps like falling tears….  Ok, ok, knowing a major theme of my blog, I’ll say they look like smiles :)

I Thought I heard You Cry (3 O’clock Moon)


I thought I heard you cry
To the 3 O’clock Moon
Dusk a faded dream
Dawn not yet a rumor
Alone in your cocoon of darkness
Alone in your pain
I thought I heard you cry
From wounds that eyes
Fail to see
Hands can’t heal
Wounds seen and healed
Only with hearts
I thought I heard you cry
Across the oceans
Around the world
To the far corners of the globe
Yet in isolation
Crowded by stifling walls

I thought I heard you cry
But when I turned
No one was there