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Onward – #writephoto


Photo by Sue Vincent

This is now the 22nd chapter of “Of Wind and Wings”.  See the table of contents here.

Note – I posted two chapters that did not follow one of Sue’s prompts.  here is a brief overview in case you don’t have time or inclination to read them (or you can skip to today’s chapter):

Chapter 20 Gossenmare Park – Ed and Liza explore Gossenmare Park.  Ed discovers that it is Liza’s ancestral home.  She also tells him a secret, that Lauren was not her husband’s child.

Chapter 21 Descending on Wings – Ed dreams of a Gossenmare Park that is like new, but with all of the eras superimposed.  It goes away leaving only the tower with Lauren singing to him.  He tries to enter, but is stopped by Liza.  He wakes up to see a memory of Liza’s mother comforting the young Lauren. 


“Are you ready?” Ed asked the back of The Grubb’s head.  “Onward, ho!  Let’s explore.”

The Grubb didn’t say anything, just shook his head.

Ed took in the view again.  He had to admit that the more mountainous region had a certain rugged beauty, but he was ready to go more than 30 feet from the road.

They had eaten lunch at the Grubb household.  It was a giant meal, which Ed felt he didn’t need after Liza’s big breakfast.  But it was delicious.  And Mrs. Grubb was delightful.  She was witty and knew all of the local people and places.  Mr. Brown seemed particularly close, and she told Ed all about him. Continue reading


Descending on Wings

This is now the 21st chapter of “Of Wind and Wings”.  See the table of contents here.


Ed was looking down at Gossenmare Park from 200 feet up in the air.  To his surprise, it was all new.  Every building newly built, every stone new dressed and stood in place.  Every bit of earthwork freshly completed.

But how could that be?  Different structures were from different time periods.

But they were all there, sometimes superimposed on each other.  Different eras mashed up together.  And there were people from all of those eras.  Dozens of them.  Hundreds.  Perhaps even thousands.

Some of the people were little more than shadows.  Others were strong visually, but not really “all there”, like memories.  Others were almost solid and, he was sure, were totally cognizant, like living people in the present, but not currently alive.  These interacted with each other, even with different “ghosts” from different ages of the world. Continue reading

Gossenmare Park

This is now the 20th chapter of “Of Wind and Wings”.  See the table of contents here.


Liza held her arms straight out, cross like, and slowly spun.  Her eyes closed and a serene smile on her face, she moved forward a half a step for every revolution she performed.  After four or five turns, she did a little leap with an arm flap and skipped forward a few steps, arms swinging like a child’s.  She kicked her feet up, Celtic dance fashion, then did another slow turn.  She stopped, spun towards Ed.  Her eyes sprung open.

“I just love it here!  Thanks for inviting me! Come!”

She grabbed a hand a pulled him forward a few steps before letting go and starting her stately dance again.

She was like the young girl Ed had seen as she did her midnight dash across the moors, but this time she was also ancient, as old as the moor itself. Continue reading

Untrodden #writephoto

Photo by Sue Vincent

This is now the 19th chapter of “Of Wind and Wings”.  See the table of contents here.


“What’s it like here in the winter?”

Mr. Brown looked up from a book.  “What?  Winter?  Are you thinking of moving here for good?  You’ve been here for a while and was wondering when you’d say you were staying.”

It was raining outside.  More than raining.  The wind screamed across the moor driving the rain almost horizontal.  Since exploring the vicinity was out of the question, Ed had decided to take Mr. Brown up on his offer to help him with his research.

“No, not yet at least.  My boss is letting me do a couple of hours a work a night so I can extend this little vacation.  And I haven’t had a vacation, uhm, what you would call a ‘holiday’, in years and so have weeks of earned time saved up.”

Mr. Brown smiled.  “Ah, I was hoping…  Anyway, winters can be harsh.  Hear that rain pounding on the building?  Imagine that being snow.  Here let me show you.”

Mr. Brown pulled up a photo gallery on his laptop.  The label was “Winter on the Moors”.

“Wow, those are gorgeous,” Ed said.  “Are you photographer, then?” Continue reading



This is Chapter 8 of the story Of Wind and Wings
See Chapter 7
See Chapter 6


Ed was torn from a deep sleep.  He looked at the clock.  He had only been in bed for about 15 minutes.  Why did it feel like hours?

The sleep rolled off.  He became aware of his surroundings.  And more.

There were voices, not loud, but loud enough.  He rolled over and shifted so he could hear.  They became clear, distinct.  Two of them.  Women’s voices.

“Why didn’t I ever come back?” The voice sent a thrill down his spine.  He knew this voice.  It had haunted his dreams for years.  He had heard it by the waterfall.  “You should know.  This place gives me the creeps.  Besides it being far too silent, a place where the only thing you can hear is your heartbeat, it is just plain, well, creepy.  I see things that I know aren’t there.  People, places, buildings, you know, things.  Ghosts.  Ghosts of the past and ghosts of things that never existed.  I was literally going out of my mind.  I was going insane.  I’m much saner in the city.  The hustle, bustle and noise.  I never hear nor see things that I shouldn’t.  No images of a past that never existed.  I still have dreams about the moors.  Not always pleasant dreams.”  She used words so similar to Liza’s, about a past that never existed.  Did she know?

“You have to accept it, my dear.  You are special.”  This was a different voice.  Liza’s voice.  Heard from this vantage, he felt a pull, a magic behind it.  She was only about 15 years older than he was, not ancient.  And she was in great shape.  A cousin, but not closely related at all.  She was… Continue reading

On The Moors

Night - England

This is Chapter 7 of the story Of Wind and Wings
See Chapter 6


“Whoa, wait up!”

Not quite huffing, but close, Ed tripped over some unseen tuft or rock.  It was about the hundredth time he had been tripped up as he followed his distant cousin, running through the fields and over the hills in the dead of night, laughing and playing like a couple of kids.  Or lunatics.

The shadow in front of him giggled.

“What, can’t keep up with an old lady?”

Liza turned.  For a moment she was a beautiful 25 year old with streaming black hair.  Her face radiated youth and energy.

Two steps closer and it was just Liza Smyth, the light gone, the hair grey once again.  But a girlish grin still on her face.  She continued to hold herself and move like an athlete in her prime.  Graceful and cat like, unlike the almost clumsy old lady she appeared to be when locked up in a house.

“No, I can’t see where I’m going and almost broke my neck back there.  Can you see in the dark or something?”

“Of course!  Or at least I can see the moor and all that it is, light or dark.  Can’t you?”

“Uhm…” Continue reading

The Halley Branch is Released Today!


An evil 300 years in the making.  A trap set 150 years in the past….

Yes, today is the day!  It is here!  I wrote, and posted, the first chapter of The Halley Branch just a little under 3 years ago (about 20 days short!).  And now it is here!

Order Here (or go to Amazon and search “The Halley Branch”): Continue reading