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Waiting for You – #Tanka


Just before the dawn
A quiet glow in the air
Breathing golden thoughts
I feel your spirit approach
Anticipation brings joy

– – —

Written for Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge.  This week the key words were “spirit” and “joy”.


Light and Shadow – #tanka

Eclipse shadows

Shadow on your heart
Shattered, broken, dark with pain
Whirlpool pulls you down
Love offers you a spotlight
Highlights your inner beauty

— — —

Written for Colleen’s Weekly poetry challenge.

The words this week were “Light” and “Shadow”, but I cheated a smidgen and used the words “spotlight” and “Highlights”.  I’m sure the Tanka Police won’t come after me ;)

And for the heck of it, I used a picture of light and shadow – a projection of the eclipsing sun seen through multiple pinholes in a piece of paper.  I think they look almost like hearts.  Or perhaps like falling tears….  Ok, ok, knowing a major theme of my blog, I’ll say they look like smiles :)

The Storm Rolls In


Where have you gone?
The clouds roll in
I haven’t seen you
It begins to rain
It’s been too long
The wind does howl
You didn’t say ‘goodbye’
A lightning bolt
Where have you gone?
The sun goes dark


— — — —

Don’t read too much into this – I wanted to write a poem that fit with these photos ;)  A storm moved through last night.  As it came in, I took these pictures.




Sweaty, sticky and hot
The temperature’s rising
Ready or not

Steamy, a feverish air
I’m burning up
Doesn’t seem fair

Is it the weather
Or are you to blame?
Didn’t notice the heat
‘Til I saw your flame

Sweaty, sticky, not cool
A flush on my face
And I feel a fool

— — —

It is hot today.  Very hot.  It was hot yesterday.  Very hot.  I’m talking 98F or 37C hot.  So I decided to write a hot weather poem.

Or did I? ;)

Since You’re Gone


The stars shine less bright
Since you’re gone

They no longer
Have a need
To prove themselves

The birds have all taken flight
Since you’re gone

They no longer
To mimic your voice

The sun doesn’t provide much light
Since you’re gone

It no longer
Has a twin
To bless with its kiss

My heart is as cold as night
Since you’re gone

It no longer
In my chest

Since you’re gone

— —

Don’t worry, I’m fine :)  This is a love poem to no one, and my heart is not broken.