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Since You’re Gone


The stars shine less bright
Since you’re gone

They no longer
Have a need
To prove themselves

The birds have all taken flight
Since you’re gone

They no longer
To mimic your voice

The sun doesn’t provide much light
Since you’re gone

It no longer
Has a twin
To bless with its kiss

My heart is as cold as night
Since you’re gone

It no longer
In my chest

Since you’re gone

— —

Don’t worry, I’m fine :)  This is a love poem to no one, and my heart is not broken.

November Empty Trees

November Trees

A cry
A moan
Roaring like the distant sea
But with a ghostly whine
The cold wind
Shrieking through
The November empty tree
Some tatters of leaves still left
The bones of the dead
Rattling  at the crunch of their cast off brothers
Being smashed beneath my feet
The early season ice pellets
Bite into my face
The sting reminding me
That I am alive
Despite all of the evidence
The wind
Rips through my tattered heart
Calling your name
But gets echoes
Of the November empty trees
In return

— — — —

Unfortunately I couldn’t find any pictures to match the mood ;)  I guess I take happy pictures.  (I spent some time trying to make that picture more moody…)

For You


You said something
That reminded me
Of a romance
Now forgotten
So quite bold
I went off
Writing to echoes
Of my pounding heart
Repeating sweet memories
Verses about shadows
Words of an ache long quenched
But sometimes
You say something
That reminds me
Of you
And then
I ask myself
What should I write?

Songs of Ocean and Moon


Selina could feel the throb of the Ocean pulsing through her long before she could actually make out the roar of the waves.  The beat of the earth’s salty heart made a rhythm with her own, a dance she alone shared with the mighty Sea.

But as she followed her thin shadow across the silvery landscape she realized that another heard his call.  For climbing up behind her, as she neared the westward ledge over the water, was her soul-sister, Moon.  She had a special relationship with Moon.  Sometimes, when no one was watching, Selina danced a slow, sinewy dance with sister Moon.  It was an old dance, a dance that came from her soul, a restless dance of subtle movements far removed from that earthy dance of the pulsating beat of Ocean.  For the flow and ebb of sister moon took weeks to complete, from absence to full and back to nothing again, always changing, always restless but always there.  The music of the Ocean, also restless, pulsed seconds between waves, hours between tides, creating a much quicker, Earthier, lewder dance. Continue reading

I May Write a Song for You

Small clip of score - music by Trent P McDonald, phot by Trent P McDonald

I may write a symphony
That orchestras play
With a smile
Or I may write a bold pop hit
That will never go
Out of style
I may even write a great jazz standard
Everyone will hum that haunting tune
And I might just write a sentimental song
That lovers will sing
As long as in the sky
Hangs a lover’s moon
I may write all of these
Doubtful, but true
But there is no melody
I could ever write
That’s as beautiful as you

When I Think of You


When I think of you
The great balloon of you
Fills up
Pushing all else aside
Inner pressure
Too much
Almost to the breaking point
A chain reaction held in check
And it’s all you
Just you
Only you
Tingling all of my senses
On the verge of a cosmic burst
I feel when it does burst
It will be a multicolour supernova
Heat and passion released
The world filled with visions of you
The universe filled with the heat of the idea of you
But it stays in
The universe pre-Big Bang
Everything in the small space of my brain
Under pressure
When I think of you
All else is gone
When I think of you
Just you
When I think of you

— — — — —

This was an experiment.  What did you think?

You Color Me

Swan pond at sunset

When I feel the hurt of purple bruises
You color me a royal purple comfort
When I feel a deep blue funk
You color me with the freedom of a deep blue sky
When I see the green of jealousy and rot
You color me the spring green of life and hope
When I am afraid and yellow
You color me the yellow of the warm, bold sun
When I feel the last dying ember orange about to be extiguished
You color me an optimsitic orange of a beautiful sunrise
And when I see red in anger and hate
You color me red in compassion and love
No matter if my mood is black and white or just plain grey
You color me in shades of life