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Since You’re Gone


The stars shine less bright
Since you’re gone

They no longer
Have a need
To prove themselves

The birds have all taken flight
Since you’re gone

They no longer
To mimic your voice

The sun doesn’t provide much light
Since you’re gone

It no longer
Has a twin
To bless with its kiss

My heart is as cold as night
Since you’re gone

It no longer
In my chest

Since you’re gone

— —

Don’t worry, I’m fine :)  This is a love poem to no one, and my heart is not broken.


Empty – #writephoto

An field with trees barely visible through the early morning mist

I awoke at dawn, as always, even though his alarm obviously didn’t go off.  I wasn’t hungry, so I did my morning walk through the wisps of the dying fog on getting up.  Breakfast could wait.

The fields, ever my friends, called my name and welcomed me as I forged a path through the dew-damp weeds.  The wet cold of my shoes kept me cleanly in the present, forcing me to take in the splendors of the new day.  The distant trees, still a mirage only glimpsed as the sun burned away the mist, for some reason reminded me of him.  My heart beat faster, as my brain told me lies.

“He is out there, just over the next little hill, behind that little splash of woods.  He’s there.  Hurry, you can catch up,” my brain seemed to say, against all logic. Continue reading

Every One a Star

Blackhole Mind

They enter our lives like a star
They illuminate our souls
But when they’re gone like those stars
They become black holes
Less than void
But so much more
An infinitely heavy nothing
Sucking the light from our core
But look away from the event horizon
Look at those out there
There are people still alive
People who still do care
Look around for those who love you
Look both near and far
For they can bring the light
To your broken heart
Every one a star

Broken Treasure

Broken Treasure

A diamond flash on the pebbled beach
With millions of bland stones
You stand out

I stare at the clear point of rock
Sitting in the palm of my hand
I’m amazed at your perfect symmetry
A leaf of quartz
Could you have been created by the force of waves
Or were you shaped by man?

I bring you home
A treasure from the sea
Placed in a special spot so no harm can be done
I can’t resist admiring your form
I pick you up but you slip out
And shatter on the floor

Should I have left you on that beach?
Would you have been better under the ocean?

Now it’s too late