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The Weekly Smile 72 #weeklysmile

Weekly Smile #WeeklySmile

Weekly Smile #WeeklySmile

There was quite a bit to smile about this week.  It was ultra busy, though, so I had little time to think about those smiles.  Of course this was also a very strange week, particularly those who read the news and/or follow US politics.  Uhm, with all that is happening in the world and all that is happening at work (a huge amount), I have a hard time thinking of my life away from the news or work.  So I will pick an easy smile. Continue reading

I Want Your Smiles! #weeklysmile Reminder 54

Weekly Smile #WeeklySmile

Weekly Smile #WeeklySmile

This weeks smile reminder is pretty sad because I don’t have a linkup!  I will have to have you go back to the original Weekly Smile Week 54 post and add a link.  I hope to have a linkup next week!

Today is a travel day.  I do have tomorrow off work, but I have a million and one things to do around the house so I have to get there…  So I’m going to keep this pretty short.

It is January.  On Tuesday it was -4 F (-20 C).  It did warm up a bit.  When I got down to Cape Cod Wednesday night the brackish water pond was still frozen.  As I worked Thursday I kept checking.  It was frozen most of the day, but about an hour before I got out it cleared up.  So I went cold water kayaking!  It was actually a very nice paddle.  the sun was setting, which was beautiful. Continue reading

Weekly Smile 52! (Part 2) #weeklysmile

Weekly Smile #WeeklySmile

Weekly Smile #WeeklySmile

Yesterday I went out on the kayak.  It was cold and windy, but I was dressed for it.  In fact, I was a little over dressed and sweated a little.  I stayed out about 45 minutes, so not a long paddle, but it was more than just getting in the boat to say I was in it, I actually did paddle.  i saw two Great Blue Herons, a family of Mute Swans, a few Cormorants, some Baffle Head Ducks, some Canadian Geese, etc.  So there was activity out on Swan Pond. Continue reading

On the Water


New England has a funny thing that Midwest states don’t, or at least didn’t when I was a kid: Winter Break.  Winter Break, aka February Vacation, is a week without school.  There is also a Spring/April break.  The typical activity for Winter Break is going skiing.  The end of February is still the heart of winter here.  We’ll, it is most years.

I took two days off of work to spend my Winter Break on Cape Cod.  I arrived in the pouring rain, but it was a warm rain.  This afternoon the sun came out.  The temperature has dropped a little and it is very windy, but I decided to take the kayak out.  Amazingly this isn’t the first time this year.  I was on the water on New years Day! Continue reading

A Smile a Day – Day 28 – Cold-water Kayaking


So I go up this morning and for once there was no snow, rain or drizzle.  There was also very little wind.  It was a little cooler than it’s been, but not frigid.  What would any normal person do on before 8 AM on January 1?  Go kayaking, of course!

It was a pretty short paddle.  One problem is there were several duck hunters about and I didn’t want to get too close to them.  And then it did turn breezy, though still relatively calm.  So I was out for maybe 45 minutes.  I got back, changed, and wen to the beach for a while to unwind.  So now, after all of that, breakfast lunch, several dog walks, etc., it is time to sit for 5 minutes at the computer before I go outside again.  Life’s too short to stay indoors!

So today’s smile is about kayaking on January 1st.  I’m going to try to get in the water once every month in 2016 but won’t be too disappointed if I don’t – at least I started off right!

The Call of the Loon


The trees at the top of the cliff on the north shore burned with the last golden light ,slowly fading to grey. I was floating on a depthless void, skimming over a transparent silver surface. All was as still and quiet as I’d ever seen it in my life. I noticed a darker shape carving its way through the fragile layer of quick silver, slow approaching me. I stopped paddling. The still became complete, the silence deep.

But not for long.

A haunting cry emerged from the dark shape, a loud sound. Half of a second later it echoed off the near shore then off of the lightly glowing cliffs. Soon the echoes came from the cliffs behind me and then from an island a kilometer away. The echoes re-echoed through the reverberations. Wave upon wave of the haunting call swirled around the lake, now louder, now softer. How long did it last? Was it 15 seconds or 20? Was it an eternity?

As the final reverbs slowly died the call came again, as loud as a trumpet blast, a trumpet from the past.

This was a call from my childhood, a call that haunted my dreams. Continue reading

Powder Mill Pond (Throwback Thursday)


(Note – I wrote this in July of 2010)

“Smooth as a mill pond.” This is such an apt phrase and one of the things that makes kayaking on Powder Mill Pond so enjoyable. No matter how windy there is never more than just a ripple on the pond. With an average depth of 3 feet it is hard for even chop to develop the way it does on deeper lakes.

Powder Mill Pond is a small (419 acre) lake that straddles the line between Greenfield and Bennington, NH. There are 2 main sections divided by a very low railroad bridge crossing a narrow choke point.   The main section is well over a mile long and has large expanses of open shallow water. There are several bays and inlets. The other section, which ends at the dam, is a little less than a mile and is dominated by a large island. Since the highway, Rt. 202, comes down close to the water in this second smaller section, I often just paddle a short way into it, perhaps looping around the island. Continue reading

Enough About the Kayak Already


Go to Google and put in the following search term: Jackson Journey review

Done?  Notice anything?  One of the top pages is from Trent’s World Blog.  Typically it’s been at the number three slot.  That’s right, little ole Trent’s World Blog seems to be the authoritative source for information about the Jackson Journey Kayak, thank you very much.

As the weather gets warmer (in theory at least: it was Five below Zero F this morning) Continue reading

Review of Jackson Journey Kayak

journey-product - Picture from Jackson web siteIn early November I received a great birthday present, a Jackson Journey kayak.  After spending six or seven hours on the boat spread out over three trips I have gotten the feel of it enough to share my experience.  As a small aside, I’m going to call this article a “review” even though it might be closer to “first impressions”.  I’ll begin with a quick recap of my kayaking experience.  Knowing my background will help you understand where I’m coming from. Continue reading



I was out on the kayak over the weekend.  Yes, I know it’s mid-November, but you have to remember that when I kayak in mid-November I have the waterway to myself.  On Sunday I took the Herring River in Harwich from the West Reservoir to Nantucket Sound and back, about a 10 mile round trip.  When I was out between the seawalls or jetties I saw something that is pretty common in this part of the world.  What I saw was a seagull dropping something onto the rocks of the jetty. Continue reading