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IIdea – What do you think?


Are you and engineer?  Do you work at a high end energy company?  If so, can you try this for me (it won’t cost too many millions…) and let me know how it works?

Have you ever passed by a windmill farm and noticed several of them not running even thought there was a stiff wind?  One problem with wind-power is that it generates electricity when there is wind, not when there is demand. Continue reading


Dabble - Sketch by Trent P McDonald

My wish is to be
An artist of ideas
And a craftsman of words

I want you to see
The world of thought in my mind
The feeling in my heart

Whether words flow silky smooth in silver streams
Or jar, jolt and crunch along cobblestone
Ideas soar high with the noble eagles
Or plumb the icy depths of the unknown
I will plant my thoughts into that fertile ground
Share with you that fruit from what I have sown


My wish is to be
An artist of ideas
And a craftsman of words

How Did You Ever Think of That?

Idea Tree

When I read interviews with authors or books describing their writing methods one question always comes up: Where do you get your ideas?  Some get very defensive, “You’d think I had an idea tree I can just pick story lines from or perhaps I say an incantation and an idea demon comes to my rescue.”  Others are a little more practical, “Whenever I read or hear something new I get a story idea.  I spend a lot of time going through magazines and newspapers and they’re just full of potential stories.”  “I take two unrated ideas and find a way to bring them together.  This creates a story.”

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