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On the Internet Nobody Knows You’re a Monster – Short Fiction

On the Internet nobody

A New Life, part 3  (part 1) (part 2)

The doctor told me I need to stay inside and rest.  He feels the little adventures outside were a bit much for my fragile nervous system and heart.  That’s OK, I can stay in for a while, I just wish he didn’t have to keep me locked in my room.  On the other hand, I figured out a way to sneak into the house when he isn’t around.  These days he’s been away quite a bit. Continue reading

The Garden – Short Fiction


(A New Life, part 2) (see part 1)

For days after my walk in the village I had been sitting at the window, moping.  Taking pity on me the doctor finally broke down and decided a little sunshine would do me good.  He said, “For pity’s sake, would you stop that constant moaning and sighing?  You’ll wake even more of the dead!” Continue reading

First Day Out – Short Fiction

First Day Out drawn by Trent P McDonald

This morning the doctor surprised me by saying I could go outside.  At last!  I long ago thought I was well enough to go out.  It’s been depressing to just sit looking out the window, but he does know best.  It’s possible I’ll be a little unsteady so he said he needed to chaperone me “for our mutual protection”.  I felt great and was able to give him the slip right away. Continue reading