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I Need You! (beta readers)


I’ve posted a few times that I’m working on a book of short stories.  Most of the editing has been completed so I need a beta reader or two (or three).

As I said, I’ve done most of the large scale editing and loosely put the book together.  I’m looking for some input on things such as do all of the stories work?  Does the order make sense?  Are there large scale problems with any of the stories?  Punctuation, grammar, and little details like that will come after I do this phase.  I will take recommendations, make corrections, then finish it up and send it out to be edited at that low level. Continue reading

Ready, Set, G…Uhm, Hold On


I have no reason to procrastinate.  I spent an hour or two last week discussing my short stories with my mom.  After our discussion I went through the list of stories I have written and came up with a final list for my short story collection.  Last night I copied each story I chose to its own Word file so I can start editing.  In my opinion the stories are still pretty much just first, rough drafts.  Some are more polished than others, but some are very rough around the edges.  I want to do at least one rewrite, possible two, on every story and do up to three or four drafts of some of the roughest.

So, where to begin?  I know, start at story #1 and do a second draft.  If I feel momentum, I might write the third draft, but then move on to story #2 – I want to attack each draft with a fresh mind.  Sounds easy. Continue reading

Words, Words, Words

My BookI’m still in the midst of editing my book, The Fireborn. Yesterday I started searching troublesome words and phrases. The first three I searched out were “then”, “some type of” and “seemed”. As I read and edited the manuscript I too often took note of these three words/phrases. I tried to stomp them out as I came across them, but my searches proved I missed quite a few instances.

Why those three words or phrases? I’m glad you asked. Continue reading

A Draft from the Past

Chapins Beach

Chapins Beach

It’s interesting to reflect on how drastically things have changed in the last few decades.

Back in my student days, and those that immediately followed, I used a completely different writing process.  Then as now I usually created the idea on a walk.  After I worked the idea out in my head I sat down and wrote a first draft in pencil.  When finished I read through the draft and made corrections.   Whole sections, paragraphs, sentences and blocks of words were marked out or moved.  Other text was often written on another piece of paper with a numbering system to help me place it.  I then wrote a second draft, which was often very different from the first.  This was again written in pencil.  Then I would go back and edit again.  I very rarely did quite as much of the large scale moving blocks of text around, but then again, sometimes I did.  For an important paper I might do one more pencil draft.  Depending on where it was to go from there I would finish with a final draft in pen or on the typewriter.

So, back in the day it might take over 30,000 words written in pencil plus another 10,000 written in pen or typed to complete one 10,000 word story. Continue reading