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The Weekly Smile March 11, 2019 #weeklysmile


In late winter I often see deer in my backyard.  More often I see signs that deer have been around.  Unfortunately, so do the dogs – they think the deer left those “treats” just for them!  Anyway, the other do I was upstairs and looking out of the window. A car stopped as it was coming down our street.  I saw three deer run in front of it into the yard across the street from our house.  The car crept down the road and before it reached the end, five deer ran in front of it again, this time heading back towards the woods again.

Deer are pretty common, but I still think it is great when I see them out of my window.  The picture below is from a few years ago, but was taken out of my window – the dogs were actually just below them when I took this! Continue reading

Weekly Smile 65 #weeklysmile

Weekly Smile #WeeklySmile

Weekly Smile #WeeklySmile

As those of you who read my Coffee Share may be aware, I was down at my cottage on Cape Cod over the weekend.  I was eating breakfast on Sunday morning, going over what I needed to do before I left when I noticed movement outside.

A quick note here before I continue.  Our cottage is the second cottage down the road.  There is a street just past the first cottage.  Across that street is a public landing out onto Swan Pond, a small brackish water body of water.  This is where I usually kayak.  Next to our kitchen table/dining area there is a glass sliding door that looks across our neighbor’s yard to the landing and onto the pond.

Seeing the movement in my peripheral vision, I turn and look out of the window.  There was a deer just right there.  It moseyed deeper into my neighbor’s yard.  I grabbed my camera, but the telephoto lens wasn’t on.  Oh well, I stuck my head out of the front door.  The deer was then in my neighbor’s parking area.  I took a couple of quick photos and then slipped back in to put on the telephoto lens.  I knew I didn’t have much time because I could hear voices coming up the street, and I could tell that the deer was listening to those same voices. Continue reading

A Smile a Day – Day 11 – Deer


I was lying in bed last night when I noticed that the back lights came on.  They have a motion sensor and I’ve noticed that even a large dog like Fiyero doesn’t trip it.  Something big was out there.  I got up and sure enough, there were two deer.  The deer on Cape Cod are a little smaller than the deer up in new Hampshire.  Seems strange,but true.  I watched for a minute then tried to take a phone picture.  The results are, well, you can see for yourself at the top.

The last few winters there have been deer in our back yard in New Hampshire almost ever morning.  I can also hear them out in the woods at night.  I’ve written a few poems about them and have taken a couple of pictures (see below).


I have no idea why I love watching deer, but I do.  It makes me smile :)


They’re Back – Morning Visitors II

Silver Shadow

A rustling sound
Tiny hoof beats across hill
Dark shadow in the rain

Yesterday I looked up at our backyard hill. Because of the south-facing steepness some of the snow has already disappeared. It was about like this last year when I first started catching signs of my morning visitors. I wondered if I’d see them again this year. Continue reading

Morning Visitors

Silver Shadow

Silver dark shadow
Glimpse of white ghost in the trees
Morning visitor

I leave for work at 5:30 AM. For the last few weeks I haven’t been alone when I made my way to the car. As soon as I close the back door I hear rustling, sometimes heavy hoof beats. The first few times the porch light was on and all I could see were a few white objects in the trees. Our back yard is maybe 30 feet of grass and then a steep, wooded hill. There are still patches of snow on the hill. The white objects floated slightly above eye level just under the cover of the first branches.

Continue reading