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Light #writephoto

Photo by Sue Vincent

It was just after the first real snow of the year. A couple of wet inches, which might be gone by noon or may last all winter, greeted us.  It sure was pertty, that untracked white. I smiled at the sight, though dreaded the cold winter ahead.

A chill ran through my bones as I thought of last winter.  Not everyone lives through winter, see? At least not out beyond the frontier. Yeah, it was pertty an’ all, and I was as happy as the others, but…

“I say winter is here, no matter the calendar tells us. Let’s get our tree today,” Pa said as we stood around gaping the changed world.

The young‘nes whooped.

My mind went back to that cold, earthen mound.

“Oh, what fer?” I asked.

I remembered Christmas in Illinois and the days we actually had real gifts.  Now it was all just stuff Pa made and all. The young‘nes didn’t know no better. And this year, of all years…

Pa frowned his earth stopping frown. Continue reading

The Angels in the Tree

Albert, Grace and Josephine, come here and let me tell you a story!  Well, I won’t spend too much time with this story, but I do want to make sure that you get a bit of time in the spot light.  Yes, I know, the two canines who shall not be named in this post monopolize the four-leg time on my blog…  OK, Albert, I know, you are a three-leg, but you have had a few posts about just you! (There were more than just those two…)

Ah-hum, so.

Once upon a time there were two cats, Continue reading

Pealing Back the Years – #Haibun #Senryu


Pealing back the Years

I am walking through the village, fighting a cold wind.  Random flakes are stinging my face.  What’s that?  Ah, it’s the clarion sounds from the church reverberating through the town.  A chill goes down my spine as I remember the sounds of yesteryear and for the moment I am that child once again, out in the cold to pass time as I anxiously await the holiday.  The warmth of the special day glows inside.  The excitement is building, until that last echo tolls off of the distant hills.  It is quiet again, and I walk on in the too chilly present.

I hear them ringing
Sound from a distant tower
Chimes of bygone years

No, that title is not a typo ;)  This was written for Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge.  The key words today were “Bells” and “Past”.  Following her suggestion, I didn’t use the words, I used only synonyms.  In the past I would call the poem part a “Haiku”, but I’m not sure, so I called it a “Senryu”.  I may be wrong….


I Want Your Smiles! #weeklysmile Reminder Christmas Edition


Just a short note today :)  I took this picture the other day at sunset.  I missed the solstice – this is Dec 22, but it was pretty close to the shortest day of the year. For some reason the picture is much more colorful than reality, which is both good and bad.  There is a special quality to the air on these short days, a quality that cannot be described in words, and the scene out of my kitchen window was so beautiful.  The phone photo captures a little of it, but doesn’t have that crisp clarity, that ethereal beauty that can only be seen this time of year. Continue reading

Christmas, 24x7x365

Sad Brady

Sad Brady

Once again
It’s that time of year
When on every lip
Is “Be of good cheer!”
We say peace on Earth
And to all good will
With high spirits
Our hearts do fill
But why can’t we do this
All year round?
Why only at Christmas
Do these feeling abound?
For every day
We should do what we can
To help every woman,
Child and man
Every effort should go
To make Earth more like heaven
By acting with compassion
Twenty Four by Seven
So start today
To help all alive
And hold out a hand
On all Three Sixty Five
— — — — —
I wrote this for Solveig to use in her Advent Calendar, which she did on Sunday. I was going to repost her version, but I wanted to make sure the whole thing is on my blog – I like it and want all of the words here :) But, since I wrote it for her blog, please go visit! Go see what everyone else did for her Calendar! There’s some great stuff this year! There was last year too :)  (Yes, I did two posts for the calendar, though Sunday was a shared day with several contributors.)

The Longest Day by Trent McDonald | Day 16 | Advent Calendar 2016

I wrote a story for Solveig to use in her advent calendar. Check it out! While you are there, look at the other marvelous contributions by other bloggers! As with last year’s calendar, this has been a fantastic community event showcasing some of the best of WP.

Solveig Werner

Advent Calendar 2016

Day 16 | Advent Calendar

The Longest Day by Trent McDonald

I had been awake for quite a while, staring into the blackness in a place outside of time, when I heard my brother whisper, “You awake?”

“Yeah,” I answered.  “What time is it?”

“Don’ know.  It’s still dark, though.”

We slowly got up and pressed up against the door.  A small sound was heard just outside the door, in the hall.  Silently and efficiently we threw on some clothes.  We didn’t bother to turn on a light, so it was dark in the bedroom.  But that didn’t matter, anything and everything was fine for this special day.

My brother cracked the door a smidgen.

“Shhhh,” my oldest sister said from across the hall.

My other sister came out of her room and tip toed down to our group.

“It’s about a quarter after six,” my oldest sister said.  “Remember last year when we got them up…

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A Smile a Day – Day 22 – Christmas

Sad Brady

Sad Brady

It doesn’t matter your beliefs, the Christmas sayings of Peace on Earth and Goodwill to Man should resonate beyond cultural boundaries.  In the northern hemisphere we have passed by the longest dark and the new light has entered our world.  Though the coldest part of the winter may be ahead, the growing light gives us hope for the spring to come.  On this day be kind to your neighbor and the stranger and try to carry those ideals through the year, keeping the spirit of goodwill in your heart.

Merry Christmas!

(Click here if you don’t see the video)

A Smile A Day – Day 19 – Done


I am done, finished, complete.  No, not growing.  One way to look at that I was complete decades ago, another way to look at it I will not be finished until I am in my grave.  No, nothing as physical or metaphysical as that.  Well.  Hmm, did any of that make sense?  No matter, I am smiling because I am done.  I have finished Christmas shopping and i have finished wrapping presents.  No more.  It’s over.

Uhm, well, except for….

Darn, I guess not, but I’ll still smile : )

Christmas Cards

Christmas tree

Christmas tree

There is a tradition in my family for homemade Christmas cards.  My mom has made cards since well before I was born, maybe even back into the 1950s.  We get a hand made card every year.

I made my own cards for about a decade, though I haven’t done any in quite a while.  Unfortunately I can’t find several of the photos I used, but I did find the majority.  I could only find an already printed card for one year, but I scanned it in.  You can see the whole front of that card at the top of the page.

I always used the pictures of our cats, Bartelby and Claudius, on the back of every card.

I previously put up a post about the photo and the painting based on the photo of the back-lit bulb that appears to be glowing.  These were used two different years.

So here are some of the images I used for my past Christmas cards (click on a picture for detail and to see the “slide show”):

The Misfits

Dark presents

Wayne laid on his bed, eyes squeezed tight to fight back the tears. He needed to believe. He had to believe. He tried to shut out his parents’ voices that sounded loud and clear through the paper thin walls of their apartment.

“For God’s sake Charlie, the boy is 11, almost 12, not five. Why’d you go off on that Santa Claus garbage?”

“Everyone needs a reason to hope. I want to keep the belief alive. I don’t care if most of the year life here ain’t worth beans, tonight should be magic.”

“Well, you better pray there is some magic ‘cause neither of us can afford any toys for the boy.” Continue reading