Waterfalls – A Hike up Purgatory Brook

Purgatory Brook

There are several nice little hikes close to my (New Hampshire) house.  I’m talking within 2 or 3 miles (under 5 km).  There are some more mountainous hikes within 10 miles (15 km).  I don’t take advantage of these trails as much as I used to or as much as I should.  I’m going to try to change that…

One of them is a trail up Purgatory Brook (Milford and Mt. Vernon, NH) that hits three larger (not huge) waterfalls and a handful of smaller falls, including, in the wet weather, a stream that cascades down the steep valley into the brook.  This is a very pretty hike.  Last autumn I rediscovered it when my brother came to visit.  I used photos of the hike in several posts, including this one.  In early February I did another short hike (not seeing the upper two waterfalls) and posted about it here.

A little over a week ago I revisited it.  One of the reasons I wanted to go was that I had just picked up a new camera and wanted to field test it. Continue reading

Amy and Jessica (Part 1) – The Old Mill

Mill Building

(This is the latest installment of the series that starts with The Old Mill.  The previous chapter was  Lyndsey 3.  The Table of Contents is here)

— —

Thursday turned out to be a great day at work.  You know the type; the ones were everything goes exactly right and it makes you feel that anything bad that has happened in your career was totally worth it.  That was my work day.  Everything went so smoothly.  Everyone, from the customers to the executives to the coders beneath me, all had good things to say.  I can’t imagine things running as smoothly as they did that day.  And yet I had a hard time enjoying it.  I felt that the gods were playing with me.

Near the end of the day, I sent just that in a text to Lyndsey, “Work was fantastic – the gods must be playing with me”.  She answered, “I know exactly what you mean :- (“.  I’m sure she did.

When I got home, I wasn’t surprised to see Jessica’s truck in my driveway, but there was a car I didn’t recognize.

As I got out, Jessica came around from the front of the house with a woman in tow.  After a half of a second, I realized that it was Amy Lansing. Continue reading

I Want Your Smile! #weeklysmile 71

Weekly Smile #WeeklySmile

Weekly Smile #WeeklySmile

Smiling about work may seem odd to some, but I think we have to smile about it.  I mean, we spend a third of our lives there, well over half of our time if you including getting ready, driving, and mental time, at least during the work week we do.  If you can’t smile about work, try to find another job.  Try your very, very hardest.  It is well worth having a job you like.

A group of “executives” came to our region office on Thursday.  The RO is 20 or 25 miles down the road from my normal work, but on a weekday morning, the traffic on Rt 3 through Massachusetts is awful and it takes anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, depending.   But it was worth it. Continue reading

If We Were Having Coffee on the 13th of May!

Hello and welcome!  Come on in and I’ll get you a large mug of very strong French Roast, a cuppa tea, some cocoa or other beverage.  It is a little cool, and perhaps a bit damp, so I’m sure you’ll enjoy the warm beverage.  Oh yes, where are we?  Some of you can tell by the picture at the top that we are on Cape Cod this weekend.

This has been a busy week.  Work has been very, very busy.  I still haven’t caught up from the week of training!  And new things are constantly cropping up.  On Thursday i met people on the executive team, which was nice.  I mean, it was a room full of people, not just me, but there was a chance for everyone to talk.

Away from work it has also been very busy.  To tell you the truth, I have no idea why it was so busy.  I had Lion’s Club on Tuesday, but I’m not sure what else happened that would make me feel like nothing was done. Continue reading

Lyndsey 3 – the Old Mill

(This is the latest installment of the series that starts with The Old Mill.  The previous chapter was  The Mill at Night.  The Table of Contents is here)

— —

Wednesday was long and tiring.  I spent a large chunk of the day in a meeting with the top executives and was grilled about some issues in the development department.  Thankfully it wasn’t a problem with any of my teams, so nobody was pointing at me, but since I was acting for Kunhal, the buck stopped at me for the day.  I sent a few random texts to Lyndsey and she responded in kind.  I was hoping for a good conversation with her in the evening.  I needed it.

The beginning riff from Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” shouted out from my cell phone.

“Hi Lyndsey,” I said.

“Hey Gill.  How’re you doing?” she asked.

“Much, much better now that I’m talking to you.  It was a very long day.” Continue reading

The Mill at Night – The Old Mill


(This is the latest installment of the series that starts with The Old Mill.  The previous chapter was  The Library 2 (part 4).  The Table of Contents is here)

— —

I knew my eyes were open, but there was nothing, nothing at all.   My numb mind could only repeat the obvious, that it was dark, pitch black.  I started to take a step, but stopped, feeling dizzy, disorientated.  Where was I?  My eyes began to catch glimmers.  I saw that there were windows and some stray beams were entering through them.  As my eyes adjusted, I could tell where I was.

I was in the old mill. Continue reading



PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Doug didn’t know the section of town, but he had received a call, a stranger with a tip.

The ruined house was squished between two others that had “Condemned” signs on the doors.

He hesitated, but there was no denying the car.  Covered in dents and missing a mirror, the car was spotless three years earlier when Em had disappeared on her 17th birthday..

Doug climbed the trash-covered steps and knocked.

There was no answer.

The door wasn’t locked.  He entered.

Em, thin and pale, stared with hollow eyes.  He picked her up and cuddled her.

“Let’s go home.”

— — —

Word count = 99

Friday Fictioneers is hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.  This week’s prompt is here and uses a photo provided by © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Read more or join in by following the InLinkz “linky.

The Weekly Smile 71 #weeklysmile

Weekly Smile #WeeklySmile

Weekly Smile #WeeklySmile

So much to smile about, so little time to write about it ;)  My original thought for this week was to talk about my trip down to Washington, DC last week.  I was there for training, and the class was very good.  I also had some free time and visited a few museums, which is always great.  And I met fellow blogger, Britta, which was great.  Overall, it was a very good little jaunt, particularly in that it was officially a “business trip”.  Unfortunately, I’ve written a lot about all of these things before, like in my Coffee Share post.  And with meeting Britta, I even put it in a smile reminder. Continue reading

Mystical Lands

Don’t think I’ll have time for a post today, so here is a random poem….

Trent's World (the Blog)

West Dennis Beach, HalloweenWe go to mystical lands
Beneath the cover
Bright shining world
Fairytale lover

Visit exotic shore
Dreamscape land
All in our head
With you in my hand

We reach the stars
Just with our feelings
Fly without bounds
No heed of ceilings

Cuddled with you in my arms
We are safe indoors
But our feelings and minds
Takes to the skies and freely soars

You take me there
As no other can
You take me away
When I am your man

In the end we must part
You return to your shelf
Me, in the mundane world
Am left by myself

— — — — —

An ode to a good book.  Or is it? ;)

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