No Longer Fun


PHOTO PROMPT © Anshu Bhojnagarwala

“I got it, let’s tell scary stories, the way we did when we were kids!”

Sue gave Derek a dirty look while Bob just stared into the fire.

“Come on guys, you are just so boring.”

“What are you going to do, tell the one about the Claw?” Sue spit the words out.

“I’m sorry, I’m just so tired of sitting here doing nothing I thought you might want to try something different.”

“Those stories were more fun when we were kids, back in ’52,” Sue said.

Bob looked up, “Yeah, before the Claw killed us, before we were ghosts.”


Word count = 100

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Life #haiku

Osprey and fish - close up

Fish in the river
Swimming along with the flow
Doesn’t see the bird


Written for Colleen’s Poetry challenge.  Each week she gives us two keywords, only we must use synonyms only, not the words themselves.  This week we were free to choose keywords and the key words I chose were “Water” and “Current” This week I decided to do a  haiku, and though that rhymes, the haiku doesn’t ;).

(Last week’s poem was called “Life ;)”, but this is the other side of Life…)

The Weekly Smile 2/4/209 #weeklysmile

I have a big smile this week.

Several years ago I decided that I would like to retire on Cape Cod.  About 6 years ago I bought a nice 4-season cottage and spend a lot of time there.  Well, even though retirement is still a few years out, we decided to buy the retirement house now.  We looked around for a while and finally found the perfect place.  It needs a lot of work, but has a ton of charm.  And since we won’t live here full time for a few years, we have time to update and modernize it.  Of course, update without getting rid of any of the charm!


It has been a painful process, worse than any other buying, selling, remortgaging, etc. that I’ve been through, and I’ve been through a few, but we finally closed on Friday.

Unless I win the lottery ;) , the cottage will go on the market in two or three months.  It is a great place, with a landing to Swan Pond about 100 yards/meters away.  I’ll miss it.  But this new place will be worth it in the long run, even if I don’t start every day on the Cape watching the sun rise over Swan Pond…. Continue reading

The Weekly Smile Recap 1/28/2019 – 2/3/209


Hi!  Some great smiles as usualthis week.  There were a few less, but people must be busy.  I got a smile out of all of these and I hope you do as well!. Enjoy!

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I hope you enjoyed the smiles.  If I missed your smile, please let me know and I’ll add it to the round up :)

What made you smile this week?  This week’s Weekly Smile will be posted in a little over an hour and you can share it!

When the Elephant Bumps the Mouse House – Chapter 1


Pixabay image by Marianne Sopala

Jesk took a deep breath of the fragrant breeze.  It smelled of nature, of unspoiled forests. He sighed and continued the call to tie up loose ends.

“That means that the Margeson Contact is complete and watertight, right?” Jesk asked, seemingly to the air.

A crow flew down, landed a few feet in front of him. It turned its head and watched him for a minute with a shiny eye, cawed and flew off.

“Yes sir,” his assistant and lawyer Merl’s voice came from came from slightly to the left and in front, towards the meadow and slightly downhill.

“Good.  I left the office early today. Lock it all up on your way out.” A vulture was making lazy circles in the cloudless sky, but was soon gone.

“Yes sir.  Have a good weekend.” A deer walked into the meadow near were the voice was coming from.


Jesk leaned back in his chair and only half paid attention to the pleasant landscape around him.

Ignoring Jesk, the deer moved deeper into the field. Beyond the meadow the shadow of a deeper forest has half guessed in the green haze and perhaps even some higher hills off in the far distance. Facing forward, the trees grew a little thicker to the right, away from the little glen, and sloped downhill away from him, where it was possible to make out distant tall mountains through the trees.  To the right the ground sloped down even more to a small, fast flowing brook only a dozen feet from where Jesk was sitting.  It seemed the ideal spot for trout, with a tree shading the bend in the stream. Although the sun was bright, it was a perfect 72 degrees with just a hint of a fresh breeze. The deer continued to graze in the field to his left while a red tailed hawk flew overhead.

Jesk leaned back even more and half dozed. A fly could be heard buzzing by him, but he ignored it, letting the noise fade into the background as he relaxed and let the week melt away.

A large bump jolted Jesk. He jerked up, suddenly wide awake. Continue reading

If We Were Having Coffee on the 2nd of February, 2019

Hello and Welcome!  Come on in.  It is still a little chilly out there, but much warmer than it was earlier today!  It was down right frigid. So I can get you a mug of strong coffee, a cuppa tea or other warm beverage. It is sunny, windy and still just a bit below freezing.  And where are we?  Some of you may know that the Beatles’ mug collection is on Cape Cod.

A few quick things – yes, we had a bit of “Polar Vortex” here, but it wasn’t as bad as in New Hampshire, which wasn’t as bad as Chicago.  Frigid, but livable. First thing Thursday, when it was just a smidge above 0 F, I took this photo, asking if i should go kayaking (too windy ;) ) Continue reading

Data Dumps

You have a great idea for a fantasy. There are four hominoid races that range from almost good but a little more on the bad side to very good, practically angelic. There are also corruptions of two of the races that are evil.  Of course there are also wizards that really don’t make a race, but are different from the others.  Plus, of course a handful of intelligent and semi-intelligent creatures and monsters, like dragons. They all have their own cultures, religions, myths, personality traits, physical characteristics, ways they use magic (or don’t), etc. And, of course, the world has a rich 10,000 year history plus the “Age of Myth and Legend” which gives another 25,000 years.

So there is all of that detail in your story.  But then we get to the story itself. Hold, though, we need even more detail… Continue reading

Fragrant #writephoto

Photo by Sue Vincent

A fragrant breeze blew in through the open window, causing the curtains to flutter. Todd walked over to close it, but Cindy stopped him with a shake of her head. The bit of late spring wind smelled of green and flowers and distant showers; it was fragrant with the scent of life and rebirth.

James walked into the garden. Mom was back there, but he hoped he could escape and have some private time with Margret. It took only a few turns in the path and they were alone, if only for a brief moment. She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen, putting the flowers to shame. He smiled shyly and, trying to hide his enthusiasm, he led her over to a bench.

“We graduate next week,” he said. He felt a little silly stating the obvious, but it was a start.  Margret nodded shyly. “I talked to the recruiter yesterday.  They’re desperate.  I’ll ship off for induction the day after graduation.”

“Oh, Jim,” Margret said. She drew closer, so they were pressed against each other, despite his mom being close. He put an arm around her and looked into her wonderful eyes. With a shock he realized that she was on the verge of tears. Continue reading

Roadside Attraction


PHOTO PROMPT © Renee Heath

The tourists were all pasty faced and out of shape, sweating in the sun, fanning themselves with programs.  Jim scowled. Not many this time.

His great-grandfather had opened in the early 1950s as people began to explore the West and wanted to have an “authentic” experience.  The show, unchanged since then right down to the stupid teepee, was all about expectations from those first few tourists and had nothing to do with authenticity.

The actors entered dancing, whooping and drumming.

The tourists clapped, as always. How Jim resented them. He wanted to quit, but a buck was still a buck.


Word count = 100

Friday Fictioneers is hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.  This week’s prompt is here and uses a photo ©Renee Heath.  Read more or join in by following the InLinkz “linky“.

Life ;) #haibun #tanka

Life ;)

The alarm is shouting at me. I roll over, fumble for a moment, putting in far too much effort for the simple chore, but finally hit the switching, shutting up little bully. I wrench a leg over the side of the bed and then force the other over.  Ugh. I am sluggish, more than a bit dull and feeling lazy. Coffee. I yawn. I need coffee. I struggle my way up the steps to start the day, but before I am able to get into the refreshing, reviving shower, before I can have any life-giving coffee, something in my brain does move at a glacier pace and causes me to ponder:

I want to stop here
Leisurely enjoy my life
Living for right now
The world makes me labor on
Are we defined by our jobs?


Honestly, after too much enforced time off, I am happy to be at work!  But when my alarm goes off…. well, that’s life ;)

** Continue reading