Child’s Play – Music Video


Last week I created a new music video.  Before we go any farther, just start it up.  It is only a little over a minute long (1:17 to be exact).

(Click here if you don’t see the video below)

OK, is it playing in the background?  Great.

I took two of the miniatures from my composition “Child’s Play” and rearranged them a little.  Actually the biggest rearrangement is making the super simple starting piece, “Happy Feet”, a little more complex by having it modulate from the key of G to the key of D.  When you hear it again at the end, that is how it is in “Child’s Play, Book 1”.  Actually, that piece, “Happy Feet”, is based on one of the first things I ever wrote, back when I was a Freshman or Sophomore in college.  I broke a few counterpoint rules at the time, which were fixed when I added it to “Child’s Play, Book 1”. Continue reading

The Weekly Smile for the 23rd of March, 2020 #weeklysmile


I can procrastinate with the best of them.  Why do today what can be put off until tomorrow?  One thing that I am usually pretty good at is taking down the Christmas tree.  Every year it comes down on the first weekend after New Years Day.

This year something came up that weekend.  And then I was away for several weekends.  And there were emergencies.  And I forgot on others.  And I was busy. And…

OK, no more excuses.

I took down the Christmas tree yesterday, over 2 1/2 months later than usual. Continue reading

The Weekly Smile Recap 3/16 – 3/22/2020


Hi all!  We all need some smiles, don’t we?  Particularly at this time of social distancing a toilet paper hording.  No toilet paper here, but perhaps there are plenty of smiles ;)  Take a look!

Trent’s World
Natalie the Explorer
Poetry, Short Prose and Walking
Gary A Wilson’s Stories in a Dime of Time
Change is Hard

We will continue to bring you even more smiles….  In fact, I plan on posting this week’s smile post in about an hour.  :)

What made you smile?

If We Were Having Coffee on the 21st of March, 2020

Coffee in NH with Moog

Hello and Welcome!  Come on (virtually!) in and I’ll get you nice large mug of ultra-strong dark roast, a cuppa tea, some hot cocoa or other beverage.  It is a little cool, but not cold out.  It will be a sunny day today, but not even close to as warm as yesterday!  Where are we?  Some may recognize the photo as coming from New Hampshire.

On the subject of weather, it has been strange.  We haven’t had quite the yo-yo that we had earlier this month, but still up and down, and now much wetter.  We had snow twice this week!  Here is Thursday: Continue reading

The Plan….

Mt. Katahdin

Many years ago I was at a gas station in Maryland.  I looked over at the beat-up pickup truck next to me and frowned. Hmm.  Maine plates.

“Hey,” I said, catching the driver’s eye.  “Why do you have a snow shovel tied to the front of your truck?”

He hunched over, slightly deflated.

“Dang,” he said.  “I hoped this was the spot, but nope…”

“What are you talking about?”

“Well, see here, after winter was over, I tied my snow shovel to the front of the truck and started south.  My idea is that the first time someone points to it and says, “what do you have there?” I will stop and put down roots, for I know I’d a done found my new home.”

These days I hear it is the other way around.

I’ve heard people from the northern points of Maine saying there are strangers in town asking if anybody knows anyone with the Corona virus.  Actually, they look at a map of where it is.  As soon as they find a place with no cases, they stop and put down roots.

A few trickling in already, you know there will be hoards in the near future.

Now, I’ve heard that there is a plan afoot.  Not going to say what it is, but if you suddenly hear of thousands and thousands of cases in places like Wyoming, Nebraska, North Dakota and, yes, northern Maine, well, let’s just say that it might be a bit exaggerated…


Yes, the first half is a very old joke.  The second half?

I have heard that people have already started to move to places like northern Maine to escape the virus.  Really.  Hmmm.

Anyway, this was supposed to be a bit of humor, but maybe will become reality… I mean, I have been hearing a lot of little white lies from the top all of the way down, so why not this?

Hope you got a small chuckle, anyway…


Walking the Dog in 2020 – A Cartoon



Dog Walking, 2020

Yesterday when I had Idina and Fiyero out for a walk I saw someone coming towards me with their dog.  I changed directions and took a side street.  Sure, it might have been OK, but Idina sometimes acts like a mad thing, particularly if the other dog is a female. But as I walked the other way, I started to think about Social Isolation and its effects on dog walking in 2020.  I hope you got a smile from this little cartoon :)

(Note – I just posted a slightly tweaked version of the cartoon)

Unintentional Break


Yes, I am alive!  For the last three weeks I have only done my Smile posts and I think one other post.  I have also almost completely stopped reading blog posts.  This was not an intentional break!

Work has been, and continues to be, completely insane.  A huge amount going on.  I do a lot of my blog-reading on breaks, so if no breaks, no reading.

I have also been very busy editing The Old Mill.  If I am in front of my computer for non-work related reasons, I have been editing, not writing new posts.

Daylight Savings Time has thrown me for a loop, worse than usual.  Part of it that every animal in the house seems to want to sleep right on top of me every night, so I have been getting about half as much sleep as usual.

I try to spend as much time outside as possible.  There have been some weekend days that I have been outside for 6 hours (not straight, over the day), which might seem like a lot until you realize that I spent 18 hours inside on those days! Continue reading

The Weekly Smile 3/16/2020


Although it is frigid out there this morning, it looks like Spring might actually be here!  I know, it was a relatively mild winter, so I don’t have a lot to complain about, yet the arrival of spring is always welcomed.

When I was on Cape Cod at the end of the week, I saw many flowers in bloom.  My favorites were the snowdrops.  Here are some in front of my house. Continue reading

The Weekly Smile Recap 3/9 – 3/16/202


Some good smiles this week :)

Trent’s World
Poetry, Short Prose and Walking
Natalie the Explorer
Stine Writing
The Jesh Studio
Ruth Blogs Here
Picture Retirement
Change is Hard

I hope you enjoyed all of the smiles :)

I will post this week’s smile in about an hour.

What made you smile?

The Weekly Smile 3/9/2020 #weeklysmile


This was a very odd week and the week coming up will be odd as well.  On a good side, this is what I consider “Democracy Week” in our small New England town.  If you remember, last week I talked about setting up a “Meet the Candidates” night for local candidates.  This coming Tuesday is when we elect town officers.  On Thursday we will have Town Meeting, in which the people of the town will vote on things like budget items that are different  from the normal. Saturday we had the School Budget meeting, where the town votes on the school budget.

There was little to smile about as this meeting seemed to last forever ;)  But it is important to attend and participate.  In the end I was in the little auditorium for five hours. Continue reading