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Charmed #tanka

The image is from Pixabay, by Michael Seibt

An imp plays a tune
From the land of Nevermore
On a weedy pipe
Green magic from the music
Charms snake and human alike


Written for Colleen’s Poetry Challenge.  This week the challenge is to write to syllabic poem based on the given photo-prompt (at the top of the post).  I did a tanka (sort of ;) )

The image is from Pixabay, by Michael Seibt


The Game #Ethree #dubleethree

Ghoulish Face

Late at night
I hear a noise
Is she following?
I feel the clammy cold
The clods from her barren grave
I turn and she is just right there
Vacuous eyes staring coldly at me
Dripping rotting flesh as she approaches
Backing away from her I trip and fall
I see the blood of her last victim
She fills the volume before me
Flesh dripping arm reaches out
She touches my shoulder
Her cold dead finger
“Tag, you are it”
She giggles
I’m it


This was written for Colleen’s weekly poetry challenge. She gave two key words, Empty and Space, and we needed to use synonyms of those words.  I did a double ethree this week.


I Photoshoped a painting for a story I once wrote. This is an iteration of the painting that I did not originally use (I just added it). (I originally did the painting for a portrait class – she is pretty in the original ;).)


Late edit – I just added an animation of the original picture…



Special Brew #haibun #tanka


I flip the leaf of the calendar, as the leaf outside of my window flips and heads towards the ground. I knew it! It is October! That means it is almost time for the spirits to rise on that most special day of the year, Halloween. To raise out own spirits, we need to start the spiced cider boiling, and all of you witches need to make an even more special brew. For:

The leaves are changing
Halloween is almost here
Fix a special treat
Autumn’s dark and deadly brew
Boiled in a witches Cauldron


This was written for Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge. This is the first day of the month, so it is poet’s choice of words. This week i did a Haibun with a Tanka.


Once again I chose one of my drawings. Actually, I picked the drawing first. It is a frame from a video I made as a promo for my first book, The Fireborn. Here is the Video:

(Click here if you don’t see it below)


The Role of Humans #haiku

The Grand Oak

The trees grant their leaves
Allowed to drop in autumn
Humans rake them up


Written for Colleen’s Weekly poetry challenge. Most weeks she gives us two words to use in our syllabic poems, but we must use synonyms. This week she gave us Fall and Give. I did a Haiku.


I am continuing the trend to use my old drawings that I have previously posted on my blog. The tree is based on an oak tree in my back yard, which is actually bigger than in the drawing!

Where My Home Was #tanka


Image by Susan Cipriano from Pixabay

Each year it’s higher
The distant river invades
The sea eats my house
Someday from a higher spot
I will see where my home was


Written for Colleen’s Poetry Challenge.  This week is her monthly Photo=Prompt.  The photo at the top of the page, a row of trees, sunk in the middle of a vast plain of water, is an Image by Susan Cipriano from Pixabay. I wrote a tanka for the challenge.

Your Spell on Me #Haibun #tanka #doubletanka

woman portrait

I feel the power, like a sun behind me.  A vision flashes through my mind. Is it a knife coming down like Hitchcock’s Psycho? Perhaps a Stephan King skeletal hand will grab my ankle.  I whip around, ready to face anything, anything, but what is really there. I meet your gaze and all is lost.

I step in your trap
That is found behind your eyes
Your bewitching stare
The magic spell that you cast
Makes me rise above the Earth

Is it just your charm?
Perhaps a deeper power
Enthralled by the glance
A thought and I glide above
Your eyes making my heart soar

Lost, but found, captivated by your spell, I am launched into your orbit.

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Control #tanka

Ring - Your Past is Calling

I am held captive
You seem to control my life
Always in focus
I remember being free
When a phone was just a phone


OK, so I went back and chose a drawing almost at random and wrote a poem based on it ;)  We were just talking about drawings I used to post on the blog, so this is the outcome.


Written for Colleen’s Poetry Challenge.  This is the first week of the month so it is poet’s choice of words.  Let’s see, what words should I chose, I mean what words DID I chose before I wrote this… mobile and immobile.

The Space Between #Etheree


Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

Bottled up
Contained inside
Waiting for release
On an infinite sea
Drifting on random currents
Between far away island shores
Forever self-contained but unheard
And yet we are so close to almost touch


Written for Colleen’s Poetry Challenge.  Colleen has changed her challenge to include photos as well as keywords.  This is a photo week (see photo at the top of the page). For this week’s challenge I decided to do an Etheree.

Hope #tanka


An ominous place
Walking in the bleak valley
Looking for a ray
Always trying to flee night
Searching for a bright lit day

The gloom holds me back
Shadows grabbing at my arms
A pit of gloom here
Pulled by an airy promise
A better place bright and clear


Written for Colleen’s Poetry Challenge.  Each week she gives us two keywords, only we must use synonyms only, not the words themselves.  This week  the key words were  “Light” and “Dark” This week I decided to do a Tanka, perhaps a double tanka, if such a beast exists….

Anxiety #tanka

Waves break on the shore
Explosions without the fire
Stirring blue to brown
Restless ‘neath troubled water
Sandy bed is washed away


Written for Colleen’s Poetry Challenge.  Each week she gives us two keywords, only we must use synonyms only, not the words themselves.  This week  the key words were the poet’s (me ;) ) choice, so I chose “Beach” and “Anxious” This week I decided to do a Tanka