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If We Were Having Coffee on the Earth Day, 2017

Moog and Morning Coffee

Hello and Welcome!  Come on in!  I know, it’s still a little raw out there.  It isn’t going to be a hot day by any stretch, but hopefully the sun will shine and burn some of the moisture off.    At least it isn’t snow! Oh, in case you couldn’t tell by the photo, we are in New Hampshire this week.

It’s been a busy week and it seems like I never had a chance to sit down.  Work was very busy and it seemed like there was something every evening at home, but I really don’t remember what.

It is Spring, and everyone is happy about that!  We had some warm weather, but after a week, I had to turn the heat on again.  Nobody is happy about that, except that we aren’t freezing our behinds off.  Puppies have wanted to be outside 100% of the time, so I’ve taken them a little more than usual, but I do have to have some inside time! Continue reading

If We Were Having Coffee on the 15th of April, 2017

Moog and Morning Coffee

Hello and Welcome!  Come in out of the… oops, sorry, it’s colder inside than outside.  I turned off the heat the other day when it was so warm (in the 80s F and upper 20s C).  I can’t turn it on yet, even though it has been cold at night, so the house is frigid…  It has been beautiful, though, and today will be warm so I can open windows.  Tomorrow may hit 80F (27 C) and so the house should get nice and warm, though I might have to turn the heat on again :(  Oh, you are asking where I am?  If you’ve been here before, you may recognize that photo of the beautiful synthesizer as having been taken up in new Hampshire.

Work was busy, but not insane.  We may get to insane levels later, but for now it is workable.

I got some stuff done around the house.  Mostly it’s been getting the house ready for spring.  I removed the plastic from a few windows so I could open them (see here for what I am talking about).  I put away the humidifiers and some of the space heaters.  Switched winter wardrobe for summer (I have a large cedar chest that keeps 6-months of off season clothes).  Other such stuff. Continue reading

I Want Your Smile! #weeklysmile Reminder 66

I’ve been on the road most of the day and just stopped in the house for a few minutes before going out to enjoy the weather.  Ah, there is so much to smile about!  But, I’ll do a quick simple one about the blog.

Just a couple of minutes ago, when I looked, I found I had a new country.  It’s one of those I wasn’t sure if I’d get and is also one of the larger ones (map size) still remaining – Kazakhstan.  There is still Greenland (I guess I need to get someone at Thule Air Base to stop by), which takes up a giant amount of map space.  After that, I still need Algeria and DR Congo, but most of the others that take up a lot of map space have been seen. Continue reading

If We Were Having Coffee on the 4th of April

Hello and Welcome!  Come on in and I’ll get you a large mug of French Roast, a cuppa tea, some cocoa or whatever you need (within reason ;) ).  It is a nice early Spring day.  The sun is shining and the wind is blowing.  It will be semi-warm, though still coat or jacket weather.  And where am I?  Long time readers may recognize the photo as being on Cape Cod, where I am today.

After the April Fools snow storm up in New Hampshire, things started to warm up and become more springlike.  The trend is going to continue – I see temperatures up to 80 F/27 C in New Hampshire coming up this week.  As a point of reference, we spent most of the month of March below freezing.  I’ve seen a few flowers, there are a lot of birds, I even heard peepers yesterday (on Cape Cod)!  The Osprey have returned to Cape Cod, as have other migratory birds.  and the ground is no longer frozen.  It is spring!

I took a long walk on the beach this morning.  It was very windy and not my nicest beach walk this year, but I still enjoyed it.  Yesterday, I had a long walk in the woods with the dogs.  That’s when I heard the spring-peepers.  Today I’ll spend as much time outside as possible. Continue reading

If We Were Having Coffee on April Fool’s Day 2017!

Moog and Morning Coffee

Hello and Welcome!  Come on in and shake or brush all of the crud off.  Yeah, it’s nasty.  It’s not really cold, but if it water based and can come out of the sky, it’s doing it today.  Get your mind out of the gutter!  I’m talking rain, sleet, snow and other such nastiness.  Oh, so when you said “Flock of Seagulls” you were talking about the 1980’s New Wave band and not what a mess they would leave on the patio?  OK, but the New Wave band might leave a mess too…  Anyway, back on topic, you may ask yourself, where is that beautiful house?  Oh, sorry, I’m still stuck on new Wave (Talking heads that time).  To answer the question, those in the know realize that the Moog Minimoog Voyager in the picture at the top is up in New Hampshire.


I’ll start with the obvious – Mother Nature is playing a cruel April Fool’s joke on Northern New England.  Right now we have about 4″/ 10 cm or wet, heavy snow and ice pellets on the ground.  They are calling for up to a foot (30 cm), but I think we might miss it.  But then again, it is supposed to continue until 6 PM and it is only 8 AM, so I guess it is possible…  It is right at freezing right now and won’t go below, so it’s a “warm” snow.  Yuck snow.  It will be warmer in the middle of the week and there will be rain, so hopefully it won’t last long.  I want flowers! Continue reading

If We Were Having Coffee on the 25th of March, 2017

Hello and Welcome!  Come on in and I’ll get you a nice strong French Roast, a cuppa tea, hot cocoa or other beverage.  It’s an odd day out – cool but not cold, the air is damp but the sun peeks out and the wind is calm..  And where are we?  For those of you who have been here before, you may recognize the Beatles mugs as being at the cottage on Cape Cod.

This morning I played with the dogs outside for a little while but had to come in because of the rain.  After it stopped raining, I went out in the kayak.  Sure, it was a bit damp, but I had to do it – I was out four times in January and Twice in February, I couldn’t let March get away with being in the kayak at least once!  Of course as soon as I get in the sun comes out.  Oh well.

One thing I noticed while outside – Spring has arrived!  We had warm weather at the beginning of the week, but then it got cold for a couple of days.  Very cold.  But the temperatures are back up to what is reasonable for this time of year.  The air smells like spring.  The birds are making spring like noises (mating calls, I guess) so it sounds like spring.  It just feels like spring for the first time.  It is an intangible, but something changed overnight. Continue reading

If We Were Having Coffee on the 18th of March

Moog and Morning Coffee

Hello and Welcome!  Come on in and I’ll get you a nice hot mug of a strong dark roast (not sure what it is, but not French Roast like usual), a cuppa tea, some hot cocoa or other warm beverage.  It is cold out there, but not as cold as a couple of weeks ago.  I’m talking 15 F/ -9 C.  It will get above freezing today!  It has been so strange that March has been much colder than January or February this year.  A lot colder.  And the snow storm we had on Tuesday was pretty bad, but not as bad as expected.  We still have deep snow, almost knee deep, on the ground.  So, where is it so cold and snowy?  Some of you may recognize the photo at the top as being up in New Hampshire.

It was busy week at work.  I had four hours of training three days, but everything else was at its normal fast pace, so I literally would sit for six hours or more without moving.  I hate that!  I usually am able to get up and stretch and even take a short walk, but not this week.  Anyway, it wasn’t a bad week, just not great. Continue reading

Serial Story?


Back in the late summer of 2015 I serialized a novel, The Halley Branch.  For the first couple of weeks I wrote a chapter and posted it the next day.  Later I spent a weekend and finished the whole thing in one sitting ( about 20,000 over the weekend) and then posted at my leisure.  I found some very good and some very bad points about posting like this.

One good part about it is that I always have a post ready!  When I start a new writing project, I stick with it (or have over the last 4 or 5 years, before that, no ;) ).  It is also great to get immediate feedback.  I actually wrote two of my best chapters for The Halley Branch in response to comments, chapters that added depth to the overall story.

But then, what about my blog readers who don’t want to read a serialized novel?  My guess is that the majority of you out there really don’t want to read a new 2,000 word chapter every day, or even three of them a week. And also, when it’s time for me to start doing revisions and pounding it into shape, is it good thing to have the first draft lying around? Continue reading

If We Were Having Coffee on the 11th of March

Moog and Morning Coffee

Hello and Welcome!  Come on in and I’ll get you a nice, strong French Roast.  Are you more into tea?  I can get you a nice cappa whatever type of tea tickles your fancy.  Hot Cocoa?  Sure!  But you will want something warm, that’s for sure!  It is frigid out.  Sure, it looks beautiful and sunny, if you ignore the coating of white, but it is one of the coldest days this year.  Yeah, we’ve had more cold weather in March than January or February and it looks to continue.  They are talking over a foot of snow on Tuesday!  Where am I that is still winter?  Well, I’m glad I’m not on The Cape, where I was last weekend, because they got slammed with snow yesterday.  By the picture at the top you may know that I am in New Hampshire.

It was a pretty good week at work.  I got a lot down.  Of course there was a bombshell on Friday.  Hmmm.  The next few months may be interesting… But for the most part the week went well.

I was really tired all week.  I don’t know if I was still recovering from being ill a couple of weeks back, if it was that my animals are bed-hogs and I didn’t sleep well or what.  The problem is, I had plans that I really didn’t follow through on.  Oh well, i guess that is what the weekends are for… Continue reading

If We Were Having Coffee on the 4th of March, 2017

Weekend Coffee on Cape Cod

Hello and Welcome!  Come on in out of the cold and wind!  let me grab you a nice hot mug of very strong French Roast, a cuppa tea or other warm beverage.  It looks pretty, nice and sunny, but the wind is just screaming out there…  And it is not supposed to get above freezing today.  After all of our warm weather, it just feels frigid.  Anyway, if you didn’t guess by the picture at the top, I am on Cape Cod this weekend.

It was an interesting week.  The worst of my cold/flu was at the end of last week, so this week I was slowly recovering.  Doing a lot of hacking and such.  It’s all down in my lungs, where it’s been since the beginning.   Yuck.  But I am feeling better.  I missed a lot of our very warm weather, because I was too sick to enjoy it, but hopefully I’ll be back to 100% by the time it gets warm again later in the week. Continue reading