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Trent P. McDonald Musician, composer, author, photographer, general creative.

Life – #tanka

Where are we going
On this mad dash to nowhere
Rushing to get there?
There’s no need to finish first
We should savor and endure

This was written for Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge.  The key words today were “Hurry” and “Last”.  Following her suggestion, I didn’t use the words, I used only synonyms.


If We Were Having Coffee on the 20th of May, 2018

Coffee in NH with Moog

Hello and Welcome!  Come on in.  I’ll get a mug of strong French/Sumatra roast blend, a cuppa tea, some juice or whatever.  It is sunny, but a little chilly out there.  Don’t worry, it will warm up.  There might even be thunderstorms this afternoon. And were are we?  Some of you may recognize the photo at the top as being taken in New Hampshire.

The big thing to talk about is the return of Spring.  The trees have leafed out nicely.  Everything is very green, except where there are flowers.  I mowed the lawn.  I’ve worn shorts most of last week.  Spring has Sprung.  If it wasn’t for the roads looking like a war zone, you would never know that we had winter.

Work was, well, not as busy as it has been, but still very busy. Continue reading

Avenue – #writephoto


Photo by Sue Vincent

Note – this is the ninth exciting episode of The Mad Quest!  You can start at the beginning, go to the previous chapter or to the table of contents.

I woke at dawn, crawled out of my nest of wolf fur and stretched.  I stopped with my back arched, hands still on my hips, and stared.  I must have made a noise, since the pile of pixies erupted and Sirlriend emerged.

“What’s up?”

“The stones,” I said.  “They moved.  Not just a little.”

The dwarf king looked at me.  “You didn’t know?”

“Know what?”

“The stones are giants.  The get up at midnight and dance in the moonlight.  They settle down at dawn.  Every night.  Last night.  I’m surprised they didn’t wake you.”

“He slept through it, like a cub,” Warph said.

Everyone was up.  They were looking at me. Continue reading

The Hero


PHOTO PROMPT submitted by Courtney Wright. © Photographer prefers to remain anonymous.

He was kind and didn’t laugh at us.

It looked so easy in the guidebooks.  It’s pretty.  Peaceful.

I think we spend $10,000 on gear, yet it is amazing how unprepared we were.  The land didn’t care about our high tech, wicking clothes; the bugs attracted to the repellent.

Mud spatter on his face, his balletic movement helped him navigate the mire as naturally as a dragonfly.

I felt like a hippo with a broken leg.

I remember his boots, mostly duct tape, sitting on crumbling concrete and moss-covered stone.

He wouldn’t accept anything for saving our lives that day.

— —

Word count = 100

Friday Fictioneers is hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.  This week’s prompt is here and uses a photo submitted by Courtney Wright. © Photographer prefers to remain anonymous.  Read more or join in by following the InLinkz “linky“.

A Tanka and Two Almosts ;) #tanka

Blackhole Mind

Is this really good?
Did I achieve what I sought?
How is it measured
Self-doubt robs my victory
Kept poise feels a mockery

The model winner
She handles victory well
Achievement with grace
She is one to keep her cool
Wears poise with humility

Preaching from on high
They claim nobility
Sneer morality
Perhaps our deeds are measured
By the help we give others

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Cape Cod in Late April Part 2

A couple of loons

Last Monday I posted a bunch of photos I took of Osprey.  All of these photos were taken in an hour.  I was on Cape Cod on a “stay-cation” at my cottage for four days without any work.  So what did I do for the other three days, 23 hours?  Well, here are some more photos ;)

Swan on Swan Pond

I have seen very few loon on The Cape.  This time I saw several on two different bodies of water.  I saw as many as three together and often saw two.  I didn’t hear that call they make.  Last year in Maine, at dusk, I sat and listened to loons call.  It is a magical sound…  However, at the end of April on Cape Cod, I did hear them “talk”.  They made sounds back and forth.  Very cool, if not quite the chilling call. Continue reading

If We Were Having Coffee on the 12th of May, 2018

Hello and Welcome!  Come on in.  It is kind of cool and grey out there.  It’s been threatening rain all day, with a few sprinkles here and there, but so far the heavy rain has missed us.  If you are wondering where I am, some of you may recognize the photo at the top as being from my cottage on Cape Cod.

This has been another busy week.  Although Tuesday was a more “social” day at work, a large relatively informal gathering at the region office, most of the week at work was the week from Hell.  Well, not really, but it was busy and there were some not so good parts.  Hopefully I’ll return Monday well rested and ready to get back into it.

I came down to the Cape right after work on Tuesday.  Being at the Region Office put me over a third of the way here, so…  Also, I have my home set up as a telecommuting office, so no problems.  I was able to get out on the kayak after work on Wednesday and Thursday, made it to the beach with the dogs on Friday and did some walks in the woods.  I usually go to Chapin Beach on Saturday mornings, but because of the threat of rain, I took my walk in the woods.  I did see an immature eagle this morning, but I didn’t get any photos. Continue reading

Fallen – #writephoto

Photo by Sue Vincent

Note – this is the ninth exciting episode of The Mad Quest!  You can start at the beginning, go to the previous chapter or to the table of contents.

I woke up with the giant wolf still curled around me.  I’ll admit, I never slept better in my life.  I started to move around and noticed that Merla was sleeping tucked tightly under the wing of Soe-Ar, the giant eagle.

At first I didn’t see Sirlriend, but I noticed a strange blob.  The amorphous glob shifted and then flew off in many directions leaving the little king in the middle.  I realized that he had slept at the center of a pile of pixies.

Sirlriend stood up, stretched and yawned.  He saw me and stopped mid-stretch.  “What?”

“I was just thinking,” I said.

“Dangerous pastime.”

“It is.  I know Merla is so much sharper than I am, so I typically leave the heavy thinking to her.  Thinking of Merla, did you notice that her sword, Froast, attracted, of all animals, an eagle?”


“And my sword, Trowr, attracted the very wolf we had been talking about?”

“Your point being?” Continue reading

If You Can Make It in New York…


I listened to the siren call of the big city, joined the huddled masses looking for their big break.  It’s hard to be heard over the cacophony.

The bums around me with their wine soaked dreams, did they once too search out the bright lights?  Broadway is that blur over there.

Someone swiped my trumpet.  Probably pawned it to buy a fix.  The Empire State Building sees all, but won’t give it up.

So I don’t care about that friend of your uncle who is looking for players, right now I only want to make it out of New York.

Word count = 100

Friday Fictioneers is hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.  This week’s prompt is here and uses a photo provided by © Jill Wisoff.  Read more or join in by following the InLinkz “linky“.

Osprey, Cape Cod, Late April 2018



I spent a chunk of the last week in April on Cape Cod.  On one of my walks down a Bell’s Neck in Harwich I watched about a half a dozen osprey hunt/fish.  I took well over 200 photos!  The sky was awful – it was cloudy and about noon.

Heres looking at you


My camera also did a weird thing in its focusing and exposure.  I have noticed that occasionally some settings will seem to change randomly.  Long and short, the exposures were awful for anything not pointing at the water.  The sun did eventually come out and a couple of osprey flew by, so I have a couple of “sunny photos”. Continue reading