The Fireborn Sacrifice ;)

Fireborn Cover

In the shadowy area where myth and history collide….

I really like my book, The Fireborn (of course).  It’s a fun read and, I hope, a clever idea.

That said…   The more I work on The Halley Branch, the more I think it is over all a better book.  Maybe a much, much better book. 


I’m currently taking a bit of an editing break, so I’ve been spending my time doing other things.  One is a lot of research on how to sell self-published books.  Sure, I’ve seen it all before, but I’m trying to put more effort into parts of it.

One of the things I am doing to prepare for The Halley Branch is to try to get more people to read and review my previous two books, the short story book Seasons of Imagination and, of course, The Fireborn.


One of the ways I’m doing that is I am going to give away Kindle copies of The Fireborn starting tomorrow (Thursday, the 18th of January).  The free/sale will end on Sunday, the 21st of January.  Yes, I’m sacrificing it ;)

(Song, Whose Sacrifice, written and preformed by me ;) )

The Firstborn

Yeah, I know that was a lousy sale’s pitch ;)  Here, watch this video:

(Click here if you don’t see the video)

Want to know more?  Look at the page here.

Are you ready?  Here are some links!



All music, art (except for cover), and videos by Trent….  (The cover is by the multi-talented Belinda Borradaile from over at Idiot Writing.)

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