The Further Adventures of Authorman!

Mild mannered Trent McDonald hears a scream in the night!  Well, it is most likely only in his imagination.  There was a witness to the crime that he is reading about, but he didn’t mention anything about screaming.  Ah-hm, back to the story then.  A devious crime has been committed!  The calmness of Anytown is broken by the (imagined) late night screams. (The article said the crime took place at noon, but…)

Mild Mannered Trent knows something must be done!

Speeding to his computer, which actually he had been at for the last few hours, reading social media and scanning the news, including the article about the crime, he waves his arm and is suddenly wearing a virtual costume.

Look, it’s Authorman!

Now on the job, Authorman begins to pound on his keyboard, putting thought to paper.  OK, to electronic storage.  Words, glorious words!  The words have power.  Superpower.

Based on the first three sentences of the news article about an event that took place half a world away, Authorman furiously plots out a story.  The news article was actually a little boring, so the story is really just loosely connected to it.  We’ll at least to the first three sentences, since he never actually read the entire article.  And, well, instead of some large foreign city, he has the events occurring in a fictitious version of his own small town.  “Write what you know,” is one of Authorman’s mottoes, though he usually doesn’t follow it.  Also, the victim in the story is a woman, instead of a man, as in the news article.  Aurthorman knows this is slightly, perhaps highly, sexist, but he figures that since his hero is male, it makes more sense that way.

After a sweat-drenched night of crafting words and sentences on his computer, Authorman solves the crime!  Or at least the version of the crime that he created in his imagination, that, as you remember, is based very, very loosely on the original.  OK, it isn’t based on it at all, it is just inspired by the original.  Sort of.

As a final check, Authorman scans the news and then Googles the events.  As the news cycle has moved on, the crime has been erased out of people’s thoughts.  New stories currently flash across the screen.  Success!  If it’s not there, he obviously solved it.

With the knowledge of a job well done, Authorman waves a hand is back to mild mannered Trent McDonald once again.

 “Hey, what do you think of my latest story?”

 “Seems a bit clichéd, don’t you think?  And very sexist.  Why do you always have male heroes and female victims, anyway?  And why are they always white? And doesn’t Anytown see a lot of crime?  I mean, I think this is the seventh murder there in the last two weeks alone.  The town is what, 2,000 people?  At this rate, will there anybody in the town next year?”

 “Uhm, well….”

Back at his computer, Mild Mannered Trent McDonald waves his arm and the virtual costume is on once again.

Aurthorman is back!

Will he be able to save the story?  Join us next week for another exciting adventure of Authorman to find out!

— — –

Earlier in the week I had a post about costumes which featured the picture at the top of me with a Photoshopped mask.  I decided that since the mask was virtual, it must belong to a virtual superhero!  One who hears about crimes and then invents a story to solve the crime.  So, Authorman was born!

8 thoughts on “The Further Adventures of Authorman!

    1. trentpmcd Post author

      If Angela Lansbury ever moves into my small town, I think I’ll move. I mean, there was a death every week in her small Maine town. Garry must be right, that would only be sustainable if they bused in new victims.


    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Uhm, mumble, mumble,mumble… (turns red) …mumble, mumble….

      So I sit at my computer in my underwear, OK? ;)

      Yeah, it was a lot of fun. I tried to write as few lines that could be taken seriously as possible.

      Liked by 1 person


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