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Photo by Sue Vincent

Note – this is part of the story, Towards the Light.  Click here for previous.  Go to the Table of Contents. Or start at the beginning: (click here for part 1 – The Tunnel)

— —

I looked back up at the tower in wonder.  This was our destination?  It seemed unreal.  For a power that could take over several worlds, including my beloved earth, it seemed too small, to insignificant, too medieval.

“Quick,” Whindel said.  He was pointing to a side path.  I could hear hoofbeats.

A ridge stuck out from the hill that I couldn’t help but label an acropolis.  We ran towards it.  As we got a little closer, I could see a spur off of the main ridge creating a small “valley”.  Whindel pushed towards this little valley between the ridges and we were soon out of sight of the main road going to the castle on the hill and in another few spots were totally hidden from everything around.  I heard the riders pass close to us, their armor clinking and their spurs chiming as the went past.

Whindel waved his arms and a door leading into the new ridge became visible.  He led us into a dark room.  With another wave, a few lamps light up and the door quickly, but silently, shut behind us.  I heard a weird noise and somehow understood that the ground once again covered the door.

We were in some type of carriage house.  There were many riding implements, such as saddles and blankets and grooming equpiment, around the room.  My attention was suddenly drawn to a star-like object hanging on the wall.

Whindel noticed it too.  “No creature has entered this room in the millennia since the last king of Blavour ruled the land, and yet we have this.”  He pointed at the star.  “The people of Blavour did not need to use spurs.  The formed a partnership with their animals and communicated directly their intentions.  This cruel object is out of place.  I will send it away.”

He raised his hands, as if to strike out.

“Don’t!” Ashleelin said.  “I know this.  It does belong.”

She took the star from the wall and put it on a table.

“We need to form a union over it, a star of our Elements,” she said.  “When I call you out, put your hand over it, on top of the hand before yours.  Earth!”

I put my hand over the star.


Alashina placed her hand on top of mine.

“Air!”  She placed her own hand on top of Alashina’s hand.

“Fire!”  Whindel placed his hand on top of Ashleelin’s hand.

“Sprit!”  A figure materialized between myself and Whindel.  It, for I could not tell if this figure was male or female, placed its hand on Whindel’s hand.

“Make a bond with Good and Evil.”  A flash came from the star.  The flash went up and down, and yet it didn’t.  I was confused, because I could follow the path, but couldn’t tell the direction.

Our hands, all five of them, began to glow.

The star began to spin.  It went faster and faster and was soon just a blur.  A faint whirring sound filled the room.  It increased in pitch and volume until it was painful in my ear.

And there was nothing.  The noise was gone, the glow was gone and the flash in confusing directions was gone.  The star had stopped spinning.

But the figure was still there.  He raised his hand, which was the signal for us all to take our hands back.

“I once was the first king of Blavour,” the figure said.  “I was also the last king, having risen for the end.  The star was a spur that my people had used to tame the dragons long before my first reign.  When we set the dragons free, the spur became a symbol of my house.  We soon realized that it was a connection between the Elements and may hold the secret of the missing Element.  Now we know.”

We waited.  I expected the king to continue, but he or she just stood, watching us.

At last Ashleelin spoke up.  “I did recognize the symbol, my lord.  And I understood the answer to the mystery.  It has been in front of us all of the time!  As you said, now we know.”

The king bowed towards the air fairy.

“Thank you, Ashleelin,” Whindel said.  “I also understand.  Do you understand, Brandon?”

“I’m not sure,” I said.  “When Asleleli… Sorry, do you mind if I call you Ashly?”

She smiled.  “Ashly?  I love the name.  Yes, call me Ashly.”

“Thanks,” I said.  The king gave me a look as if he was getting impatient.  “When Ashly was calling the Elements, she said ‘Spirit’ instead of ‘Void’.  Everyone was wrong all of this time.  Because you thought of that Element as ‘Void’, you misunderstood its power and the interaction between the Elements.”

“Almost right,” Whindel said.  “It is deeper than that, but we don’t have time right now.  Right now, we need to discuss plans for moving forward.”

“I had seen that you were in trouble,” Alashina said.  “My king sent me to help.”  She turned towards me.  “Don’t worry, your children are having the best of care.  They have formed a deep bound with my children and they are happily playing together.”  After a quick smile, she turned towards the wizard.  “My king told me his plan.  I didn’t fully understand it until the Fairy King made his/her presence known.”

“What were his words?” the wizard asked.

“He said, ‘The fifth world will be revealed to you and your group will represent a new equilibrium born of the old.  Follow the Dragon Star and your path will open before you.  A king, ancient and new, will know the hidden passages.  The one you seek will have made a throne in a heart of flame in the deepest dungeon.’  We now have our king, our fifth Element and our star.  I think our path will show itself soon.”

Whindel took removed the star part of the spur from the holder.  He held it at arm’s length and slowly turned.  It glowed as he passed one point.  He brought it back and fined tuned his position until the glow hit its maximum brightness.

“So, my king, what are your thoughts?” he asked the ghostly Fairy king.

The king walked through the wall at the point that the star pointed out.  A second later, a door that had been hidden open out from the wall.  The king stepped out.

“I know the way.  Please follow me.”  He turned and walked a couple of paces, then stopped and turned back towards us.  “Oh, and to make things easier, please call me Blavrain.”

Spurred on by the thought of coming to the end of our quest, we followed Blavrain into the dark tunnel.

— — —

Spirits?  Dragons?  What’s next?  OK, we did see dragons before, but still…  Brandon may know what is happening, but does the author?  And, come on with the names already, is the author serious?  Is any of this serious?  All of these questions and more, will soon be answered!  Stay tuned for our next exciting episode – same blog channel, same blog time!!

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— —

This was written for Sue Vincent‘s weekly #writephoto challenge.

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