I heard the lonely loon’s cry
Piercing the tranquil evening
I saw the cold stars
Bold as if man never existed
An explosion of flowers greeted me
The last gasp before the dead of winter
An eagle hung on the sky
Not a human sound could be heard
Far from every eye or ear
I heard the lonely loon’s cry
Piercing my heart
I thought of you


I was in northern Maine over the weekend.  At rush hour on a Friday, you can drive down the main road and not see another car.  There are few, if any, places on the East Coast with as thin of a population.  And I heard the lonely loon cry in the darkening evening, a cry that can’t help but pierce the heart.  (The loon at the top was sen not heard, the one in the evening was heard, the calls echoing around the cove, but it wasn’t seen.)

If you’ve never heard a loon call, check out this video.


7 thoughts on “Loon

  1. Joanne Sisco

    This summer when I was up North, I heard the loons for the first time in probably over a decade. Their calls kept me awake until long into the night. It seeps into your soul. It’s a sound that you feel as much as you hear.

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      My biggest experience with loons is from southern Ontario, so when I hear them, besides all of the other things that you feel, it brings back my childhood from those summer trips to that lake. I returned there as an adult for the last time ever (the cabin I stayed in as a child was being pulled down after my father left) and was out on a kayak at dusk. A loon not 20 feet in front of my kayak was calling. It would echo for 30 or 45 seconds before it would call again, the new call mingling with the old echoes. It was a very haunting experience. So even though this weekend was in Maine, my thoughts return to Canada when I hear a loon.

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