I Want Your Smiles! #weeklysmile 84 Reminder

Weekly Smile #WeeklySmile

Weekly Smile #WeeklySmile

Some of you may know that my big smile is that I am not here!  Actually, I am writing this on Wednesday.  I am out in Colorado.  So I am sure I am smiling!  Obviously Colorado will be smile for next week too, so for this week, I will say that the anticipation of travel is what I was smiling about when I wrote this.

So, what made you smile this week?  Write about it and put your link in the comments below or do a ping back to this post.  (InLinkz has been getting funny so I dropped it.)   Next week I will do a recap post before I put up my weekly smile and include all of the links and even the short smiles people leave in the comments.  Yes, that’s right, if you just leave a smile as a comment, i.e., you don’t do a post, I’ll include that in the recap too!  So let me know what you smiled about!

Not sure the “rules” for the Weekly Smile?  Check here.

Last Week’s Smiles!


Note – the Weekly Smile runs Wednesday Morning to Wednesday morning. I post in the morning (Eastern US) and put up the link usually between 7 and 8 AM EST. I also try to post on Sunday as a reminder. People can and do join throughout the week.  Sometime Wednesday morning before I post a new smile, I will post a Smile Recap of the week before.  have fun and Smile! :)


6 thoughts on “I Want Your Smiles! #weeklysmile 84 Reminder

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  3. Blog Woman!!!

    The highlight of several for me this week was dancing with my family at a powwow, despite the grounds being rained out, by bucket load, which chased us into a university gym. The drum beats are meant to mimic heartbeats and there we were wrapped up in each other. Awesome day!

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