I’ze a Genius

The Thinker

I’ze a genius
It is true
Took a Facebook quiz
And so can you!

They say only a genius
Can answer what they ask
So I put on my thinking cap
And took on their task

I scratched my head
And sweated lard
But found their questions
T’weren’t so hard

Got ‘em all right
Without much thunk
Though all my teachers
Thought I stunk

Guess those D minuses
Musta been wrong
But getting my credit
Took too long

So if you tease me
My smarts are high
And my rejoinders
Will leave you dry

‘Cause I’ze a genius
It is true
That quiz done told me
I’ze smarter than you

— — — —

I guess I hang out with a smart bunch on Facebook because in the last two days, four of my FB friends took quizzes and got all of the answers correct!  These quizzes say only a true genius will get more than 80% right.  Wow!  I’m lucky to know so many geniuses!

OK, the people who took these quizzes don’t seem to have low IQs, so I’m not really teasing them as much as I am teasing the quizzes themselves.  “Are you a genius?”  Click bait followed by a feel good so you’ll play along next time.  My FB friends know this and took the quizzes for fun, but still…  It’s possible someone would take the quizzes seriously.

When I saw the fourth such post of triumph, the first thing I thought was, “Hey lookit, I’ze a genius!”  And I had to write this out.

Please note – My mangled English in the poem was not supposed to sound like any individual or any given group of people, so don’t try to cipher through it thinking you can figure out who I was making fun of when I wrote it.  I was making fun only of the quizzes, not the people who take them.


17 thoughts on “I’ze a Genius

  1. angiebirk

    I’m always afraid to take those quizzes, afraid I won’t know the answers 😂 When I do take them I end up asking the Mister for all the answers! 😂

    Liked by 1 person

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Thanks! I never click on the click-bait, particularly things where they want you to enter any info – they entire things as set up to take info from you. It’s a huge business.



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