I Want Your Smile! #weeklysmile 76 Reminder!

Weekly Smile #WeeklySmile

Weekly Smile #WeeklySmile

I bet you can guess what my smile is about today.

My Dad reading (low light)

Yep, my father.  I haven’t talked to him yet today.  I will.  But I did talk to him for almost an hour on Friday, so it isn’t like we’re out of touch.  And I went “eagle hunting” with him a couple of weeks back.  Here is a photo from a previous eagle hunt, since I haven’t had time to look at this year’s photos yet.



Anyway, no way to write any more without writing a book on the subject :)

That is my second smile for the week, my father on Fathers’ Day.

So, what made you smile this week? Write about it and post on the link-up (or click the little blue frog below). While you’re there, read what everyone else is smiling about! And come back to it later, if last week is any indication new smiles will be added daily!


Note – the weekly smile runs Wednesday Morning to Wednesday morning.  I post in the morning (Eastern US) and put up the link usually between 7 and 8 AM EST.  I also try to post on Sunday as a reminder.  People can and do join throughout the week.


5 thoughts on “I Want Your Smile! #weeklysmile 76 Reminder!

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  2. dawnkinster

    Awwww….my mom and dad used to go to “Eagle Weekend” up somewhere in northern Alabama back in the early 2000s. Wonder if that’s still happening. Glad you smile when you talk about your dad. I smile about mine too, but more wistful as he’s been gone since 2004. Still, today is a good day as I see all the dad photos on FB and in blogland. I was lucky with mine, and I can see there are a lot of great dads out there!

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      As a kid there weren’t any eagles in the area where I grew up. Mow there are quite a few, so it’s cool to spend some father/son time photographing them. When he visits me, we do the same with the osprey.

      Sorry you lost your dad. I hope you have a lot of good memories :)


      1. dawnkinster

        Yes, there weren’t many when I was growing up either. That’s why mom and dad were so excited to see so many those weekends they went to the retreat. And a couple days after dad was killed, (tired semi truck driver rear ended him on the freeway) while we were hanging out at my brother’s house a few miles away from mom and dad’s house, an eagle flew in and sat in a tree down at the lake and stared at the house. He spent most of the day sitting in that tree staring at the house. It was amazing. I don’t necessarily think it WAS dad, but I’m pretty sure dad sent it to tell us to stay strong and that he was near. Not something I’ll ever forget.

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