An Editorial Intermission – The Old Mill


(This is an editorial break in the series The Old Mill.  The previous chapter was  Lyndsey 2 (Part1).  The Table of Contents is here)

I have to pause the story for a moment.  As you know, this is a rough draft, and at the beginning I posted as I wrote, sometimes posting within minutes of writing the last word.  Of course there were times that I realized that I needed to go back and edit.  I did change a few little things in the posted chapters, but I’ll wait for the next draft for most of the changes.  In the mean time, I found that I need to talk a little bit about Gill and Lyndsey so you can understand some of what happens as we go on.  Over the course of their conversations they talked about their jobs (or at least they are going to have these conversations when I do the next big off-line edit of earlier chapters).  Here is a just a quick description of what you missed (because I’m adding it to earlier chapters offline and it isn’t part of what you read):

Gill is a first level manager/supervisor for a team of software developers at a mid-size software firm, LMDF (don’t ask me what it stands for 😉).  The seven developers under him each have between one and four projects, depending on size and complexity.  There is a pool of around 35 coders/programmers that work on the projects.  There are four others at Gill’s level.  His manager, Kunhal, is coming up on retirement and Gill has been shadowing him and will most likely take his place.  Three of his developers are local (Nashua), the other two are at a remote location in Brattleboro, VT.  The other two work remotely.  The actual coders are all over the world, though many are based out of the Nashua or Brattleboro offices.  Most of his time is spent doing administrative work, but he works with each team (seven developers) once a week using teleconferencing (videoconferencing) technology.  He also likes to sit in on a SCRUM meeting with each development team at least every other week.

Lyndsey works for a medical technology company, Batcha Biotics and Medical Equipment.  She has a team that readies products for production.  When a product that her team covers is to be updated, she works with the designers on one side and the engineers on the other to find ways to get the updated product to production.  She has several teams beneath her who work on different components to ready for production.  In other words, it is taking an existing design and figuring out how to put it into production in the easiest, most cost-effective manner.  She talks about liking to tinker and experiment with the components herself.  As a money saving measure, her company is combining three locations at their new headquarters in Silver Springs, Maryland.  I’ve talked about her office being closed.  That is part of the consolidation effort.

Sorry for the interruption.  A new chapter (actually, the second half of the current chapter) will be posted soon!  BTW – So far I’ve posted about 32K words in this story (not including this).  Yes, it is an online book….

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