Writing, Writing, Writing! (And Revising)


I’m in a major writing phase right now.  I have been writing and posting more fiction lately than ever before.   Since the ideas have been flowing, I’ve been trying to go with it.  However, I may have to change writing priorities a little.  Here is a small sampling of what is going on and what I might change.

I’m sure you’ve all seen too many The Old Mill posts ;)  So far there have been 16 posts in the series, a total of about 23,000 (23K) words.  I have the entire story plotted out in my head, if not all of the details, and I would guess it will end up being at least 60 posts and 80K words.  Since this is really just a rough draft, that’s quite big for a first draft for me.  The first draft for The Fireborn was about 55K (now on the 4th draft up to about 82K) and The Halley Branch was about 50K (still in first draft form).  There are just so many moving parts to The Old Mill!  I have been putting up about four posts a week.

I have also been writing, and posting, a lot of short/flash fiction stories.  Yesterday I posted one for the #writephoto challenge, Gold.  I really like the story and think it deserves to be written out a little fuller.  I was thinking of turning it into a short story of about 8K or 9K words.  I also have three other “longer” short stories in mind that I need to write out before they evaporate.  Actually, most ideas don’t totally go away, as The Old Mill demonstrates – I “wrote” most of it in my head over a decade ago.  Still, I do want to get them down.

And I have written a few stories off line.  Well, two.  They were both based on things that I posted on my blog.  One started off as a very short work of flash/micro fiction, which I turned into a 3K word story.  The other was already almost whole already, I have just done three new drafts, rewriting large chunks of it.  It’s about 8K words.  I’m planning on shopping it around…

But the big one is The Fireborn.  I started this blog because of that book.  I did a total of four drafts.  The last draft was completed in mid-2014.  I recently took it out, dusted it off and did a quick read-through.  I liked it!  But, there are some issues I have to resolve.  I started to go through it again from the beginning, doing a deep final edit.  And then The Old Mill happened….  Hmm.  I haven’t looked at The Fireborn in almost a month.  I need to go back and restart the final edit.  (Note, when I say “final edit”, I mean before I turn it over to two editors I know.  I might also look into a professional editing service.)

I’ll admit, I’m like most writers – the creative part of putting out that first draft is by far the best part.  Editing?  I hate it.  But it is necessary!  The Fireborn, besides gaining almost 30K words, is a much, much better story because of it.  And when I saw “4th draft”, truthfully, there were dozens of in-between-draft revisions.

What I am going to attempt to do is restart the editing process on The Fireborn while continuing to write and post chapters from The Old Mill.  I am also going to do those off-line stories, like the rewrite of Gold.  And I will continue to post new works of flash-fiction, particularly for the two challenges I do every week, Friday Fictioneers and #writephoto.  How?  Mostly by slowing down The Old Mill.  I may go down to two posts a week, possible just one on some weeks.  I may pick a day, say Tuesday or Friday, that will be the day I post the next chapter (or partial chapter – the 16 posts are now in a prologue and 10 chapters).  Whatever works to keep me on schedule for multiple writing projects.

I’m not sure if I’ll stick to this.  I hope to since I really want to get The Fireborn out of the door after all of these years!  But we’ll see how it goes.

One thing for sure, though, is that I don’t mind having the problem of having too  much in mind to write!  I just wish I had more time!  (Any billionaires out there want to subsidize me so I can retire?)


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