Amy (Part 2) – The Old Mill


(This is the latest installment of the series that starts with The Old Mill.  The previous chapter was  Amy (part 1).  The Table of Contents is here)

(Note 2 – I split this chapter in half to make for shorter reading.  This is the second half.  The first half is here. )

“Hey Gill.”

“Hi Lyndsey.  How are you doing?”  I’d been home a couple of hours and had just finished eating dinner.  The call wasn’t unexpected.

“Good.  It was a busy day, as always, but good.  How about you?”

“Work was busy.  I had go into the office again today and will tomorrow too.  But the big thing about today is who I bumped into.”

“Don’t tell me that the Adams lady is hitting on you again.  Or is it Martha this time?”

“No, no, nothing like that.  I saw Amy Lancing.  Actually, not Lancing any more, but…”

“Oh wow, I don’t think I’ve seen her since Jess’ wedding.  How is she?  You say she’s married?  Details!  Husband’s name, last name, how many kids?  How old? Where does she work?  I need details!”

“Sorry, I didn’t get many. I know she has kids, she does work, though not this week, is married, but not many details, you see…”

“Yeah, I forgot, you’re a guy.  You either miss that type of stuff or forget to ask.”

“Actually, we had more important things to talk about.  Her father, Bill, was seriously injured in an accident over the weekend.  He’s in ICU.”

“Oh my God, that’s awful!  I’m sorry I was being so shallow when I was teasing you.  How is she holding up?  And her mom, how’s Linda?”

“Amy is doing as well as can be expected, but obviously very shaken up.  This hasn’t been easy on her.  She didn’t say much about Linda, but I can only imagine how bad it must be for her.”

“I feel so bad.  I wish there was something I could do.  Do you have her number?  Maybe I can call.”

“No.  I did give her my cell and told her to call for any reason whatsoever.  I told her I had a big house and could take on people if they needed more space.  You know. All of those things neighbors offer, even if she hasn’t been my neighbor in quite a few years.”

“I take back all of those bad things I said about you being a guy.  I’m glad she ran into you.  You’re a good man, Mr. Baxter.”

“I don’t know about that, but I would do anything to help one my friends and I made sure she knew.”

“That’s what I meant.  Anyway, I’m sure Jess will be upset.  Bill and Linda were almost like second parents to her.  I’m not looking forward to telling her about it.”

“Don’t worry, she knows.  Amy said she had seen Jessica earlier in the day.”

“That is so odd.  I just got off the phone with Jess and she never mentioned it.  You’d think that it would have been at the top of her list.  I mean, it was the first thing you said and she knew them better.  I don’t know what’s up with that.”

“Amy didn’t say anything, but by her expression and the things she didn’t say, she found her encounter with Jessica a little off.  On the other hand, Jessica did tell her about our adventures up at the Goode Mansion.”

“Oh great.  Who didn’t she tell?”

“Yeah, it’s interesting.  Hey Lyndsey, did you ever go up there with Jessica?”

“A few times.  For the most part, though, we hung out with different people and didn’t do that type of stuff together very often.”

“Did she ever come inside with you?  Actually, I’m interested in if she went in after dark.”

“Hmm, now that I think about it, no, not that I recall.”

“Did you ever hear of her going up there alone?”

“There were some rumors, but I never listened to them.  There were a lot of rumors about everyone.  You know, kids.  Actually, when I found out about Nate, I thought some of the rumors about her going up there alone might really have been her sneaking off to meet Nate.  Why all of these questions?”

“A few things Amy said.  She said that the first time their little group went up to the mansion, you know, the rite of passage thing, Jessica said she wanted to talk to Martha.  So, when the ghost went from middle aged woman to rotting corpse, they all ran out.  Except for Jessica.  Amy went back to check on her and both Jessica and Martha told her to get lost.  As the door was closing, Amy was sure she saw two 16-year-old girls talking to each other.  She said they could have been twins.”

“So we weren’t the only one to see the young Martha.  Wow, that is just weird.”

“Not just that, Amy thinks Jessica changed after that encounter.  She became different.  And Amy said Jessica never went into the mansion when it was dark after that.  Jessica told me she had never been in after dark at all.  Is she suppressing a bad memory?”

“I know you have a theory about this one.”

“Well, a start of one.”

“Let me tell you mine, first,” Lyndsey said.  “We think there might be a connection between Jess and Martha, right?  Well, this is when that connection formed.  Is that your theory too?”

“Yeah, pretty much.  I’d love to find out more, but my guess is that she isn’t talking.”

“Who, Jess or Martha?”


“My guess is that we’d get more information from Martha than my sister.”

“You might be right.  Hey, quick change of subject, when do you think you’re driving to up here this weekend?”

“Thanks for reminding me.  I can’t leave until until Friday after work.  I hope to get in around 5 or so.  But the important thing is that my parents have invited you over to dinner on Friday night.  I guess when they spied on us and saw us kissing….”

“I’m sure that’s it.  I hope they’re not as bad as Jess looking to get me into the family.”

She laughed.  “They might be.  They want grandkids, you know.  They doubt if Jess and Nate will have any, so it’s all up to me.  And being a single divorcee, well just be careful.  They might put aphrodisiacs in the potatoes.”

“Oh, I can have so much fun on Friday…”

“You had better not!”

We talked for a while after that, just chatting, teasing each other and getting to know each other better, as new couples do.  But my mind kept going back to the Lancing’s on one hand and on Jessica’s strange encounter on the other.

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