Talking about Goode…

You know, the patriarch of the family in my serialized story, The Old Mill, is named Johnathan Goode.  I never told you that his name is actually Johnathan Bartholomew Goode, that is Johnny B. Goode ;)

RIP Chuck Berry, one of the originals, one of the greatest!  You made the world a much better place.

First a live version:
(click here if you don’t see it)

And then the one most of us are more used to hearing:
(Click here if you don’t see it)


11 thoughts on “Talking about Goode…

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  2. sherloque

    maybe I should stop commenting… but just a last one… see Chuck’s face? he’s (was) definitely a mixed kid with plenty of white man’s genes in his make up. Why do you keep calling “Black” Americans: African Americans??? In that case you should call “Whites”, European Americans. In fact, seen from here over the Atlantic, you are just Americans. This idea that to be a true blue American you have to be a White Anglo Saxon Protestant is… bloody old fashioned, I say.

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Yes, I agree. The terms that we call people are mostly based on history and, of course, the realities on the ground. There is a huge amount of racism in America right now, more than I remember in decades. For a person like me to be “colorblind” right now unfortunately really means that I am turning a blind eye to the racism. So, I do have to confirm that there is a difference (which there isn’t – we’re all people, one race) if only to say we should stop hatred based on the perceived difference.

      The terms come and go – I have used (and others as well) “European Americans” plenty of times. Right now I think “African American” is being phased out – I don’t see it very often any more. I see “black” much more often, and “people of color” more often than that, which pretty much means, “everyone who isn’t of European descent”.

      In the past when people where hung for nothing more than the color of their skin, if you had any “black blood” at all, you were black. It could be 1/4 (i.e., one of four grandparents) and you could look exactly like the European person next door, it didn’t matter. Racism has no logic, but is so deeply entrenched.

      One good think about people like Chick Berry is a lot of white kids liked him. It dissolved the boundaries and hatred a little bit. And then Jimi Hendrix and then Stevie Wonder, and then the Jacksons, etc. – American music is all based on “black music”: the blues, jazz, rock and roll, soul, rap, hip-hop, R&B, dance, etc., etc. yes, we are the melting pot and have mixed it with European folk and classical music, but the roots are still there. To me, a good musician is as much a genius as a scientist and usually have a much larger impact on our culture.

      Oh, I did use the term in the serialized story I’m writing, but there is a reason – at one point in the story (still to come), it becomes an important plot point, one from 200 years ago, so anyway, if I use those terms it is usually to counteract racism or for a very specific reason. But here and on FaceBook, all I said about Chuck Berry is that he was great, an original, one of the fathers of Rock and Roll and will long be remembered, never mentioned the color of his skin – to me it isn’t important :)

      Anyway, keep commenting :)


      1. sherloque

        Trent, please don’t take my silly comments personally. I didn’t mean “you”, I meant you Americans. You know, when people generalize! When you’re in France I’m sure you do that too :-) I have a heavy heart at the moment because my partner was black ( a real African citizen from Guinea in West Africa), my son is therefore mixed and my grandchildren are even more mixed as their mother is from Melanesian background from New Caledonia. Everyone in the family is concerned about this weird wave of racism. However if you look at it, everyone is foreign to someone else. If you’re in France, you’re a foreigner, black or white, and I’m the true blue French. If I’m in America, I’m the foreigner, white or black, and you’re the true blue American. I guess everyone should be traveling, it should be mandatory for school kids to be left in a place until he/she finds out they’re a foreigner to someone, they’re the white odd one in a black family or vice-versa. But more over what I’m raving about is the typical American way of classifying people by “race”, ethnic group, and building up a mosaic country this way. It’s not a “melting” pot. It’s just a pot. No melting has occurred. Because, very basically, the Whites are at the core completely ENDOGAMOUS. You do not intermarry. For centuries the Whites have not intermarried. I remember watching a great film called “Dancing with the wolves”. At one stage the guy falls in love with a squaw… ah! but she’s not a real Indian, she’s a white kid that had been abducted and raised by Indians. Falling in love with a real Indian was not acceptable. In that way the French are a bit different. They do intermarry and have always done so. Forgive me for this long rant.

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        1. trentpmcd Post author

          Traveling should be mandatory. More than that – cultural immersion – I can go to another country and learn nothing.

          I get most of what you are saying. With a lot of it you have a different perspective than most, which is always good in a conversation. We need different perspectives! That is a huge part of the problem is that so many people only see things from one narrow point of view.
          I wish there was a way to classify people just by being in the human race. To quote Martin Luther King, “I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”
          I do know a few interracial couples, but you are right, it is the exception, not the rule.
          Your long rant is not a problem. Rant away! I like hearing (reading) it much more than some of racist crap I hear on TV and see on Facebook far too often these days.

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