Still More to Come


A New Hampshire Cook Out

It’s coming down
The air is white
An inch
A minute later and there’s another inch
I shoveled this morning
Don’t you know?
But I can’t tell where
Almost knee deep
When will it stop coming down?
When will it be spring?

Actually, Although we still have hours to go, my guess is that the heavy stuff is over.  I wouldn’t mind “only” getting 14 or 16 inches out of this!  I saw some forecasts that said 30 inches was possible in areas, though generally 16 – 24.  But we’ll see – it isn’t over yet!

(Though photo at the top is from the last storm – I haven’t taken any pictures yet.)


10 thoughts on “Still More to Come

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      1. Serendipitous Web Life. : )

        There is a tremendous amount of beauty in snow. I enjoy the physical nature of shoveling, the crisp fresh air, the beautiful white covering the world (which I cannot seem to photograph very well). I just don’t like the cold hands and feet. Argh! Have “fun.” : )

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