2016 in a Plastic Brain

Exactly a year ago and still true – I did not once use “2016” instead of “2017” this month and my brain is still changing, hopefully for the better!

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OK, we are a month into 2016.  Time to be honest – when was the last time you accidentally used “2015”?  Funny thing.  For me the answer is infinite since I moved to 2016 on January 1.  And I changed to 2015 on Jan 1 of last year.  What is so amazing is that before 2015 it usually took me at least two months to get the year correct.  Sometimes by the time I finally got the year figured out, the next year had begun.  But for some reason my brain changed so this year thing isn’t a problem.

Over the years I’ve continued to learn new things, see old things in a totally different way, lose habits and gain habits.  My brain has changed, and despite my age, not always for the worse.  Sometimes, like with that year thing, it is for the better.   At work I’ve had to…

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