January Thaw

A couple of days ago it was well below zero F (-20 C) and now it feels like spring, the south breeze bringing warm air up the coast. The snow is melting, though with the ground so frozen all of the water is running off, not soaking into the ground to help replenish the aquifer. This is “January Thaw” in New England, something that happens most years. Bitter Winter will return, but for a few days it is Spring.

I posted this exactly three years ago (give or take one day). It seems we were having a January Thaw then too. This is one of my very first posts and one of the very first original drawings that I posted.

Trent's World (the Blog)

January Thaw

Frigid dreams are gone
Southern breeze warms the air
Forecast calls for snow


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16 thoughts on “January Thaw

      1. prior..

        it was weird – but T, it was a gift – there were some areas I needed to have cleared since 2014 – just stuff I did not like anymore -overgrown Buttrfly bush, blackberries that invaded – and some hostas and a few things that were me back in 2008 – if that makes sense – so for a couple of years I still pruned and maintained – but waited patiently – and have a clean slate for the new me….
        and enjoy your warm days – even if they are not as warm as last week –

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          1. prior..

            well we have orange clay down here – and so we learned the hard way that summer projects are painfully hard….
            still kind of mad that I let me son do a landscaping job for a week – the guy underpaid him and my son hurt his back – and then missed out on his senior year of soccer.
            it was all meant to be – cos we know God is always on the move… and at work…
            but he was such a good soccer player and after playing lax – his soccer game was even stronger…
            darn orange clay!

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Last week they had plenty of snow in Cambridge, Massachusetts ;) I do enjoy the snow, though it is sometimes a pain. That being said, it’s nice to look out of the window and see that it it has all melted.

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  2. Frankie Perussault

    Very nice little painting :-) As for the weather here in western Europe it’s been mild so far but… who’s knows! Forecast for the week-end: strong wild winds. My newly transplanted peach tree will be blown off for sure… sniff :-(

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      I’ve read that Europe has been having a cold winter. We’ve been up and down – warmer than usual followed by colder than usual. I hope your peach tree makes it!



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