New Lens Plus….

The New Lens!

The New Lens!

Last week I talked about my new lens.  I haven’t had any time to really use it, but I’ve continued to take pictures around the house.  I think we all do that when we get a new camera or lens, just take little test shots.  But it’s been fun!  And my pets usually don’t get this much photographic attention.

Grace 12 - 40 mm

While playing with the lens I decided to pull out a lens I’ve had for a while put don’t use much.  Some of the specs are pretty good – it’s 45 mm (90 mm 35 mm equivalent) f 1.8, so it’s fast.  Given the 90 mm equivalent you can see its best use is as a portrait lens.  It’s not a waterproof or very sturdy lens, so no taking it out in the kayak or hiking.  It doesn’t do macros very well. But it’s great as a portrait lens!  So i took a portrait or two with it.  Pet portraits, that is.

Fiyero with 45 mm

Here are some mixed pictures from Saturday morning with the two lenses. (click photos for more detail).


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