I Need It!

This was one of my very first posts from exactly three years ago today! I hope you enjoy this fossil!

Trent's World (the Blog)

Blinded by the glitter? - Drawing by trent P McDonald What is it?

I was scrolling through the daily deals on the Amazon site when I saw something new.  It doesn’t matter what it was, just that it had options I didn’t know existed.  It was faster.  It was better.  It was newer.  And I knew instantly that I needed it.  How can I justify the purchase?  How can I change my budget to afford it?  What will I have to give up?  In the end practicality won out, but the need was still a physical force to be reckoned with.

What is it that makes us so need an object we didn’t know existed 2 minutes before?  Why is this need so overwhelming, so physical?

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2 thoughts on “I Need It!

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  2. Serendipitous Web Life. : )

    Good morning. Very timely post for the holiday season in the U.S. I won’t start my rant … whew… perhaps if we ask ourselves the enlightening question, we’ll find some answers that will help us. Appreciate life today! : )



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