Images of Cape Cod – Early September 2016

Swan Family

Yes, only a couple of months late, I have finally had a chance to look through all of the photos from my trip to Cape Cod in early September.  OK, those who follow my blog know I am down there all of the time, but I am talking about a trip that lasted more than a week, a trip that had my parents spending most of that week of it with us.

Stormy Seas

It was a stormy week, with a hurricane coming at us.  There was some stormy weather, but then it fizzled out.  We spend a day at the beach watching in the rain as the waves lashed the shore.  There was actually some seals in the surf!  You can see one in the gallery below.


Out on Chapin Beach you can see these weird posts sticking out of the sand.  They’re too small to be part of building.  In some areas there is just a row, but in other places they make shapes, like enclosures.  I think they are very old.  I once saw some washed in that had wooden “arrowheads”, barbs to keep them in the sand.  They’re very odd.  Remember, this picture was taken hundreds of yards/meters from shore.


Of course there are always the swans on swan pond.  And the herons seemed to be everywhere, even in the trees.

Great Blue

There was so, so much more, of course, and I didn’t always have my camera.

Anyway, here are all of the pictures, including those from earlier in the post.  As always, click a photo for more detail.  Once up, you can use the arrows to scroll through them.  Enjoy!


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