Independent motion – can you help?

I watched the video on the Mountain Trike site – it looks like a fantastic product. Let’s help make it possible for Nick!

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

What would you give to make a dream come true if you woke to find yourself living a nightmare?

What would you feel if you could never again walk on a beach? Or go out alone in the snow…feel the stillness of a wood or cross a field?

And then, you found a way…

In 2009, my son was a successful young man with a bright future… until he was stabbed through the brain in an unprovoked attack and left for dead in an alley.

He was found almost immediately by passers-by who saved his life. By the time we arrived at the hospital, Nick was being prepared for emergency brain surgery. We were allowed to see him, for a few minutes, to say goodbye. He was not expected to survive…

Over the past couple of years, many in the blogging community have come to know my son and know…

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5 thoughts on “Independent motion – can you help?

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  3. Sue Vincent

    Thank you so much for sharing this, Trent. The Mountain Trike has a lot of video online… it really is as good as it looks and makes so many places possible for the first time. You cannot push a wheelchair through deep mud, sand or over rocks… and the electric ones can’t do it either. This one can…and without power or being pushed.

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