Password Protected and Invisible


I posted the long promised “adult” story today and password protected it.  Funny thing, after it had been up on WordPress for about 10 minutes it disappeared off of the Reader.  Most of those who requested a password will most likely follow their email to it, but, hey, I’d like people to know it’s there!  I don’t think it was removed for content since I see far worse (i.e., stronger language, more graphic descriptions) show up in my Reader all of the time.  But perhaps it did – I also know people who have had their blogs tagged “adult only” (and banned from the Reader) because of one off-color post.  I hope that doesn’t happen here!  That’s one reason i password protected it.

Long story short, if you want to see the story and it didn’t show up in your Reader, click back to the previous post, “To Stop the Rain“.  Oh, and you can request a password at any time (see here for instructions)


9 thoughts on “Password Protected and Invisible

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