It Always Rains When…

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It was an affair gone bad.  Worse than that, there should have never been an affair.  She didn’t want one, and if she did it wouldn’t be him.  Yet it happened in a shower of rain.  There had to be much more to it than met the eye.  Much much more.  Everything about it was magical, but magic in the bad sense of the word, not the good.   Maybe not “black” magic, maybe more Old world, mythic magic where humans are just playthings of destiny.  Why destiny shoved her into a physical relationship with him

As I said earlier, the story really isn’t erotica, yet the story exists only because of sexual situations.  It can’t be told without them.  There is no “child friendly” version.  And I will post it tomorrow!  But if you want to read it you will have to have a password.

No password?  No problem!

Request a password by leaving an email address in the comments below or sending an email to me: trentpmcd(replace) (replace the (replace) -that includes the parenthesis!- with an @)  If you know another email address for me, you can send it there (this is one I only use for social media).  I will not sell, trade, or give your email away.  And despite temptation, I will not even send you advertisements for my stuff ;)  So no spam, even from me.  Nothing unsolicited, just this password.

I will assume everyone requesting a password is of an age to handle the story.  (Hint, if you are under 18, do not request a password!)

The story will be posted on Friday morning!



3 thoughts on “It Always Rains When…

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Thanks Robyn! This is very different from what I usually post. I like to keep my blog pretty much PG rated, though I occasionally let something slip in, so I want to keep it at that level while still being able to post a more “adult” story. I hope you enjoy!

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