Open Secret


Several years ago I wrote a short story that is not for the under-aged.  I’m not saying it’s boring or talking about issues that hold no interest whatsoever with the younger crowd, you know, like taxes, work, etc., what I’m saying is that it contains sexual content.  The story isn’t pornography and it would even be a stretch to call it “erotica” (of course both terms are very much point of view dependent!) but there are details that are very important to the story that I wouldn’t share with minors.  No, no, no, not at all.   So my problem is, I want this site to stay family friendly, yet I also want to share this story.

Have I got a deal for you ;)

I am going to post this the story but I will password protect it.  If you want to see the story you can request a password.  If you want to skip it, don’t request a password and you will not be able to see it.

I will post the story on Friday (my usual short story day) so I will give people a couple of more days to request a password.  You can leave an email address in the comments below or email me: trentpmcd(replace) (replace the (replace) -that includes the parenthesis!- with an @)  If you know another email address for me, you can send it there (this is one I only use for social media).  I will not sell, trade, or give your email away.  And despite temptation, I will not even send you advertisements for my stuff ;)  So no spam, even from me.  Nothing unsolicited, just this password.

I will assume everyone requesting a password is of an age to handle the story.  (Hint, if you are under 18, do not request a password!)

So if you want to be part of the secret club, send me something and I’ll get back to you!

Drawing by me but self censored ;) (You can find an uncensored version on several other posts ;) )


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