Secret Club! (almost)



A few years ago I wrote a short story that is not very kid friendly.  I’m not saying it is boring or talking about issues that hold no interest whatsoever with the under-18 crowd (taxes, work, etc.), I am saying I might get in trouble sharing it….. The story isn’t pornography and it would be a stretch to even call it erotica (of course both terms are very much point of view dependent!) but there are details that are very important to the story that I wouldn’t share with minors.  I want this site to stay family friendly, yet I also want to share this story.

Have I got a deal for you ;)

I am going to post this page but I will password protect it.  If you want to see the story you can request a password.  If you want to skip it, don’t request a password and you will not be able to see it.

I will post the story on Friday (my usual short story day) so I will give people a work week to request a password.  You can leave an email address in the comments below or email me: trentpmcd(replace) (replace the (replace) with an @)  If you know another email address for me, you can send it there (this is one I only use for social media).  I will not sell, trade, or give your email away.  And despite temptation, I will not even send you advertisements for my stuff ;)  Nothing unsolicited, just this password.

I will assume everyone requesting a password is of an age to handle the story.

So if you want to be part of the secret club, send me something and I’ll get back to you!


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