Mount Monadnoc

A pink mist rising
Over a reddening gold mountain
No breeze in the tree
Do I hear a sound
From a land
Far away?
Do I hear the clink
Of the chains
Of a fairy king
In a deep dungeon?
Open your ears and eyes
As a thousand misty riders
Storm the castle
As the bat winged prince
Leads the charge
Are you, my dear
Going to follow me
To save the king?
Meet me tonight
In my dream
And we’ll have adventures
Beyond compare

— — — —

After the storms of the day, this evening was as beautiful as they come.  It was as warm as mid August, yet the feel of fall lingered in the background.  A mist rose from the fresh rain and the dying sun colored the world pink and gold. The air was still and sounds traveled for miles, yet the world held its breath and waited.  Although I could hear crisp and clear, things were strangely muted, as if traveling from a different world.  Sound and color combined to create a misty magic in the air where everything was possible and anything could happen.  I waited for my fairy princes to come find me so I could help rescue her father, but she didn’t come.  Maybe she will tonight, in my dreams.


15 thoughts on “Dreamland

    1. trentpmcd Post author

      I’m sure Captain Hook has more grog to enjoy and probably has more fun, but I’ll think I’ll stick with my childhood sweetheart Tinkerbell when I visit Neverland ;) (if she was my sweetheart, it was when I was ten ;) )

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        1. trentpmcd Post author

          Actually, the little description at the bottom was what it was really like – a warm evening after a day of storms. The air was glowing and pink mist rose from the mountains. I have rarely seen a more gorgeous evening. And the sounds were weird – both clear and yet seeming to come from another world. I could hear people talking yet they were at a great distance. It was magical, and on our walk it seemed that at any moment we may turn a familiar corner only to find ourselves in a totally unfamiliar land. So the dream part was tacked on to the end, not really a dream, but the rest of it was a strange reality.

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