You Color Me

Swan pond at sunset

When I feel the hurt of purple bruises
You color me a royal purple comfort
When I feel a deep blue funk
You color me with the freedom of a deep blue sky
When I see the green of jealousy and rot
You color me the spring green of life and hope
When I am afraid and yellow
You color me the yellow of the warm, bold sun
When I feel the last dying ember orange about to be extiguished
You color me an optimsitic orange of a beautiful sunrise
And when I see red in anger and hate
You color me red in compassion and love
No matter if my mood is black and white or just plain grey
You color me in shades of life


11 thoughts on “You Color Me

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Thank Pranita. And you are right, I wasn’t thinking necessarily “lover” as the “you” in this, just a person who can touch me (in the emotional way).



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